We thank God for another opportunity to witness to His Greatness. Our prayer today, yesterday and for the days to come is for more wisdom and knowledge. We pray for the Light of the inspired Word of God so that we can better understand mankind.


The earth and its people are in a ALust Fight@ for Power and Material possessions. The Lust of those in the flesh for the wicked Stars of Satan has removed Love from the lives of many people. Therefore, there are only selected moral values among these people. Also, we see the attempt to turn ungodliness into the order of the day.


From the Black Perspective we see and even greater Crisis and Dilemma. The on-going Black Holocaust continues and gains added fuel and energy from a mis-directed Christian church. The three basic institutions of earth are found in the home, church and school. We also list the environment in which these basic institutions reside. Is racism the greatest challenge of despised and dispossessed Black souls? Did racism create Christianity? In the race for evil and exploitation: who leads, Racism or the wicked Preachers who crucify Black souls and dishonor the sacred mission of the Priesthood?Are the Priests/Ministers filled with disbelief and a faith in Money and the wicked ways of the world? Should all Ministers/Preachers have faith in God and believe in God?


The FreedomJournal has recorded critical reviews concerning the home, school and environment. However, the church from our analysis is probably the most critical area. At this point we acknowledge to those who are Anti-Christian. Regardless of your religious preferences the Black community cannot deny the impact of Christianity. Therefore if you have an interest in the plight of Blacks in America and throughout the Diaspora you have to make an analysis and review of (Black) Christianity.


The three basic institutions of humankind that offers structure toward the existence of the Black community are rotten and in need of serious repair. The church stands as the cornerstone of the Black community a community that is at the Crossroads. It is for sure that neither the home nor the school will beget Peace and Paradise. Therefore we bear witness that the Church and the knowledge of God is the key to the further existence of humankind. We also reveal that this knowledge is necessary to sustain eternal life. THOSE THAT CAUSE HUMANKIND TO STUMBLE IN THE PURSUIT OF KNOWLEDGE OF GOD WILL BE CURSED. SO IT IS WRITTEN AND WILL COME TO PASS.


Within the walls of Christianity the Preachers have established and passed down a planned scheme of False Information designed to exploit and manipulate the people. There is also logic in noting that women are the majority in most churches. Thus, the Wicked Preachers use these women to carry out many acts of False Teaching. Also many Preachers in order to appease and offer concessions to their prized Hustlers, ordain women to Preach. Meanwhile the ungodly Preachers crowd sacred Pulpits with their chosen supporters who in many cases are False Prophets. Ungodly Preachers are very seldom in the company of True Men and Women of God.


As God looks down on the Wicked and the Foolish He directs us to what he has already handed down. Our guide is the Holy Bible. Therefore, any criticism of our work must be based on the Bible to be valid.


We will begin a series of articles that will depict many of the False Teachings in the church.We also advise all Preachers, Theologians and other dissenters that we are not governed by personal opinion. Thus, any criticism must note a Bible base. We are only messengers and record what is already written as it applies to the environment and time we live in.


We also refer you to our series on Tithes/Offerings. For the record if you take the money out of the church there would be very few False Prophets. Thus this series of articles reveals that the Preachers are Robbing God and not the people. These articles also reveal that the system of Tithing that is practiced by most Christian churches does not line up with the Bible. We also argue that most False Teaching in the church has an ultimate economic motive. Again we say, remove the money emphasis from the church and you remove most of the ungodly Preachers.


We trust that you will enjoy and gain from these inspired Epistles. We also pray that you will receive the inspiration to walk in the Spirit.



Carl A. Patton, writing for the FreedomJournal October 10, 2000. Updated 17 September 2008.

All rights reserved by FreedomJournal Press 2000.







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Greetings Brethren,


I wonder just what is most impacting on culture: racism, racists, ignorance, liberals, conservatives or Pagans. How can one stand in defense of those that have been historically oppressed in America and throughout the Diaspora based on race and hate at the same time?


Black Supremacy is just as bad as White Supremacy. For the record we follow the New Journalism thus we capitalize Black and White.



Carl A. Patton, FreedomJournal 25 June 2007


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