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In the name of Almighty God, Master of the universe Ruler of all the earth


Greetings Brethren,


Peace be unto you. To the Church and believing Christians everywhere. To those that believe in the Bible as the supreme authority that governs all of humankind. In this we give thanks to God the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit that leads and guides us the straightway.


I looked once more as I slept, always aware of the Spirit. Upon me came the words “The Falling Of The Earth.” Many great civilizations have come and gone. But man still abounds and grows more ungodly daily. Many things now…. immoral, unprincipled are common place. However, what principles do you thrive on? Also what do you view as moral, as tolerance has been disturbed and has resulted in the acceptance of the will of Satan.


Has the earth failed? Has it completed its fall? Who will tell of these things? Will there be one that will come to report the utter disaster man has caused upon the earth that Almighty God created. God came and sent the earth as just, humane and filled with compassion for other human beings and the animals of the field. What of the love of the environment? Has money and materialism caused a doom agenda for all that live?


The Failure and Falling World


Those that did come to tell of the impending

Day of Judgment were often called names

that challenged their sanity. However the

Book is clear as to what lies ahead. The world

surely does not heed the Book nor most of what

is written.


So has the earth and its people failed? To fail

at something there must be a higher authority

that renders a ruling, judgment, decrees, laws

etc. But many fools abound,


Psalms 14: 1 “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.”


Brethren then are the fools upon the earth not necessarily

the uneducated and those locked on Stupid? But how can

one not be stupid, ignorant uneducated and foolish and not

be a fool? What greater crime, sin and foolishness exceeds

rejecting God.


Meanwhile, many deny the existence of God as the supreme

authority. These are the church people and this is where we

have the greatest examples of fools. They look upon God in

an intangible sense while savoring the preachers and religious

leaders as tangible ways and means to Heaven.


With this clear and blatant rejection of God the earth is failing

God and His people. Thus, the earth is in a consistent spiral of

falling and one day the fall will be complete. Just when this perfection

comes God knows. However one can prepare for the inevitable by

accepting the Gospels and Christ. But there can be no rejection and,


Acceptance at the same time. We see the falling in the claim to accept

Christ but also these same people led by spiritually blind preachers and

religious authorities reject and deny Christ and the resurrection. This is

the time of the New Law, The New Covenant. The Old Law meant an

on-going need to atone for sins by sacrificial offerings and a tithe to the,


Levitical priesthood. But Christ now is the high priest. Brethren you cannot

practice a ritual of giving and atoning for sins that Christ came to remove by

dying on the Cross and getting up from the grave. This is the resurrection

we, all that live, will also be resurrected the good and the bad. However if

you walk in the Old Law you deny the coming and resurrection of Christ.


We say with all sincerity and reverence to God our Father and Christ our Savior. The greatest crime of the Preachers today is the Tithe Lie. We bear witness as we write these words that there will be little room on the first pews in Hell for the abundance of False Teachers and Spiritually Blind Preachers that will run Hell over.


So what is the failing? Is it money and materialism? What else moves an

immoral world? Immoral issues regarding gender confusion, the murder

of unborn babies. And vice that has been turned into a pagan christ.  In the

world there is a great emphasis on money and materialism as the major

objective for all that live.


Beloved just bear with us and read slowly digesting what is noted here. I asked myself one day as I asked John. “What is the role or what should be the role of Preachers?” What came back to me by my study and looking to God was that the Preachers major emphasis should be on saving souls and bring people to Christ.


Wait just one minute John and the FreedomJournal? Saving souls, What! Turn on your TV and I see, as I saw last night I wanted to puke, was TV Preacher after TV Preacher talking about Money Prosperity. However, they never noted that the greatest prosperity to the believers is to be Spiritually healed. The money sermon and the Prosperity Preachers should resign to the Motivational Speakers Bureau and get out of the Church before God sends an Angel to strike them down.


Meanwhile in the Church for the true believers there is the emphasis of love.

Will love feed you? Will love pay any of your bills? Will love pave the way

to Peace and Paradise? Will love afford you abundant faith to deal with any

problems that you may face in life? Will love stop wars or prevent them from

occurring in the first place? Will love bail out the poor, the Po and the rich?


Will love and money bring the diverse races of humankind together in the

unity of compassion? Does money then have a place in the scheme of things

as we live and not fail in our quest to please God. But who comes to please

God? Those that cannot see God seek to please the tangible. The intangible

is noted in a little while and maybe, just maybe.


John sitting down stood up and mused as to all that he had heard and seen.

How could he best determine where the biggest problems were in this Falling

the FreedomJournal was talking about. He thought once more than once as he

was inspired as you can also be inspired if you walk, talk and sleep in the Spirit.

First one has to accept Christ. He then has to learn something about the Book, the,


Bible and realize it as the written authority of God’s Laws. However there are

those that claim to be sent to tell the people of these Laws. This does not mean

that the people have no responsibility. However many are weak and need teaching.

Thus we have a cadre of evil Spiritually Blind men and women that have come to accept

the fallen doctrines of the World that express materialism and immoral pursuits, and,


All things Liberal with tolerance meaning the will and acceptance of anything.

With no Preachers and the willful attack on the Bible the people are at a lost.

Thus many are truly lost and have accepted the Failing, Fallen earth as a time of

uplifting man instead of God. Thus worshipping things as idol gods of money, people

and Fools abound and twist, turn and bend downward to Hell.


Brethren we bear witness as Almighty God is our witness as He will send Christ Jesus as our Judge that the Preachers that willfully wallow in the False Teaching of money prosperity and lie on God about the people owing God a Tithe are bent toward Hell in the worst way. We also declare to anyone that claims to be a Preacher. If you are not standing up for God regarding the numerous issues of False Teaching in the Church you are part of the problem. However you assist in your own eternal death when you have willfully accepted Satan and try to convince and turn many lost weak souls to embrace evil also.

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Peace and Golden Paradise, Carl A. Patton a willing slave and servant of Almighty God writing for the FreedomJournal 3 January 2009 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.



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