(12 April 2008 by Carl A. Patton)


Just what are facts and opinions?

What is knowledge and information?

Also when we take these elements

and throw them at free speech

what do we have?


Many come thus hiding from Truth,

taking the innocent hostage who

are bent on a shiftless, slothful, supine

existence with no responsibility.


This lackadaisical attitude is at

odds with independent thinking

which is a gift from God. Hence

rendering false conclusions about

those that stand on Truth.


Should one thus be ashamed of

Truth? Where does Truth come from?

Are opinions then what one thinks?

Is it an impression or estimate?


Some suggest that opinions are

carefully throughout conclusions

based on facts. These same thinkers

also say that these conclusions are

without the certainty of knowledge.


Brethren pray tell me what then is

knowledge? What one knows,

his range of information. The act

of knowing being familiar with

things a person or subject.


I know I am a Black American.

Is this knowledge although it is

disputed by some who believe

that I am an African-American.


So how does information transcend into

knowledge? What comes first knowledge

or information? All that I know from

my understanding of facts my experiences,

general truth’s, principles make up the

fusion and combination of knowledge

plus information.


But where is God in this equation?

Can you leave God out of the pursuit

of knowledge?


Meanwhile that taunting and elusive

opinion became affected by personal

learning and feelings. Are his views



Is there then a true distinction between

the opinionated and those just with

opinions? The dogmatic liberal and

conservative would not budge from

their alleged opinionated views.


But can one be dogmatic and

opinionated if they hold Truth

in the hollow of their hands?

Are opinions based on facts? Does

this fact thus separate fact from

fiction and opinionated dogma from

pure opinions?


Facts are things known to be true.

These facts are also known to have

happened. There are also scientific facts.

How do scientific facts relate to

Spiritual facts?


All agreed with good sense that

the sky was up and not down in fact.

However there were great disputes among

the scientists and the believers as to

where are who created the sky?


So is Truth a reality? How can all

of humankind see Truth? I can see

the rain and sunshine on cloudy

and sun-filled days.


However many in the world exist

in enjoyment on things called fiction

and the imagined.


Meanwhile the constitution protected

opinion and facts but many who wallowed

in confused imagery thought so-called

opinionated Truth was fiction.





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