(29 June 2010)




Editors Note: As these days actuate there is nothing new under the Sun that God created. Has man therefore in his limited wisdom created anything? Does he know the difference between invention, creation and discovery? God created him upright.


But, who can say these things? The world in cyberspace looms large. This is especially seen in the eyes of the dispossessed the often censured and oppressed. However there is for ever among us a great affray over facts and opinions. Often facts and opinions have no distinction. But are they in the pure sense a dichotomy?  Meanwhile the biased and confused bury facts and opt for pride and “his way.”


Looking beyond Free Speech is often noted, held up for review, accounted for in the eyes of the beholder. Those that don’t see the Sun nor the Moon that shades the Stars will never see Jesus. Those that can’t see Jesus will also be hidden from God our Dear Father.


In the name of God Master, of the Universe, Ruler of the earth



Greetings Brethren,


Peace be unto you. While awake in the Spirit and conferring by verbal exchange once more than once with my Spiritual advisor (thinking) I thought: Can one’s opinion take on anything left to the personal whim of the person offering the opinion? Well what are facts if they are the opposite of opinions? Do both include many of the same qualities?


Well what is the utility of posing such a question? What can it accomplish? Well John (FreedomJournal) said we come not writing for the satisfaction of those that read and surely not for those that read not. However, we come commissioned by a higher power to scratch out what we are inspired to see, feel and touch.  This has nothing to do with what the world has as its standards for discussions, journalism or writing.


What is an opinion? Is it real or imagined? Are opinions based on facts?


Opinions are noted as what one thinks; a belief not as strong as knowledge a judgment regarding a particular phenomenon.


It can be further defined as an impression or estimate. For example what is your opinion of him as a candidate? Everyone has a poor opinion of a liar. However, most people do not have a poor opinion of those that defile the Word of God. I wonder why? Is this an opinion then or a statement of fact?


It is my opinion that opinions based on a mere whim or things superficial and undocumented have very little utility. Utility in what? If one is interested in confusion, deception and a misrepresentation of the historical record or the history of the Church then erroneous opinions have a certain utility. But how can an opinion be erroneous? Well do opinions by their inherent nature have to be offered in some measure of facts? Well how are facts measured and acquired?


Look now with us as we note an opinion based on a formal judgment by an expert; after study. Does this expert by the nature of noting his status as an expert include facts in his opinions regarding a matter up for review?


For example two leading experts study a particular question and arrive at very different conclusions. Well are facts more important or is the opinion more important and of more merit?


This leads us to note some brief definitive qualities in relationship to facts.


A fact(s) is a thing known to be true or to have really happened. For example the world views certain things from the   scientific discipline as facts.  Is the Evolution or the theories of Darwin fact or fiction? It is a fact that the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock in 1620. There is also much agreement as we look toward the Black Experience that Plymouth Rock (So said Malcolm X.) also landed on the Black man and woman, boy and girl at this same time.


Facts are then further defined and noted as what is true or has really happened. Facts are the state of things; truth; reality. The fact of the matter is that “Going To Heaven and the 50-Cent Picture Show” makes the distinction between God and the world revealing that you cannot pay (buy) your way to Heaven. I write poems and verse for not fame or fortune as I have none.


Facts are also defined in reference to Law. Facts are thus anything that is known or alleged to have occurred in connection with a case (as distinguished from a principle or rule). A question of fact is decided by the jury, a question of law by the court.


The Fusion, The Integration of Opinion & Fact


Many people carry-on in conversation in this

world without a clue. They know nothing of

how they arrived at a particular thought but it

was based on something.


Was it weighed down in facts or reason that

came to coincide with Truth or objectivity?

Did it make sense? Many opinions go about

life as imagined illusions of a dream world.


Some are also based solely on a prejudiced

desire to honor a parent or a love one and

person that one respects. So are there in many

instances two kinds of opinions?


Is one based solely on the comic relief

that is so evident in today’s world. Is there

another based on factual confirmation about

a phenomenon concluded by the majority.


What of the opinions of the messengers that

conform not to the world? Where are the

conclusions reached by them that linger with

the silent minority that is the actual majority.


So as opinions take hold the heart and mind

raced toward some actual happening or occurrence

that could be relied upon. Many hold a particular

World View or how they look out upon the world,


And its people. Those that clutch on-to the exploitive

eyes of an irresponsible capitalist see not the common

man but only cannon fodder. Some also look out

and see the world in Black and White.


John said no one could deny the reality of Black

and White but to lean either way was a trip to

an Ism that clogs the mind and the body and the



There was also this thing called culture and facts.

No one could deny that they lived through the time

and place of Ham Hocks as the guts of hogs were

spread out over the table that included all the things,


That was left after the grand butcher like the tail,

feet, head, ears and the swine also held oysters from

the mountain which were really his testicles. But

culture does not dwell in isolation.


One’s culture cannot dictate his each and every

move. Thus facts are derived from all that liveth

and not from just your playing field. Some also

rely on the world to manage their thoughts.


Some like John rely on God to render his thoughts.

He thus is able to see the high road as a Spiritual

Scientist. These facts and opinions as they come

together are not seen by those that don’t see God.


Meanwhile what comes first? No doubt that opinions

came in the vanguard while facts were the necessary

component or fusion to enable the reality of facts or



Peace and Paradise,

Dr. Carl A. Patton writing for the FreedomJournal 13 July 2010 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.


All rights reserved by FreedomJournal Press 2010.