Our Beloved Brethren,

Peace be unto you. Many still come as abominable felonious vicious and vile offenders of the Law. As immoral corrupt lost souls they come believing that they can stifle and commit economic homicide regarding the work of God's messengers.

Brethren as commissioned by God we have no authority in our mission regarding to do are not to do. Also who can destroy those called by God to render the Good News to the lost and the saved? Has this been tried and done? What success did the actors of Crucifixion have?

Therefore as we follow God's commands we record and document all aspects of the historical experiences of humankind  as we continue our sojourn in this land.



A Statement On The Philosophy of the FreedomJournal Press

Philosophy and the New Journalism I

Philosophy and the New Journalism II

The Writer’s Tribute To Voltaire


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