Greetings Brethren,

Peace be unto you. There was a time when many of Godís subjects hollered and cried however there were no tears among the righteous. There were crevices in the body and man did sweat in summer and fall.But the righteous can see all as the heart has great vision.



(5-9-2008 by Carl A. Patton)


The man stood full of lost world

morbid fatalistic sentiments as he transfixed

on things of no value to principles, honesty

and what God has ordered.


Who are these people? The earth

was a place that saw nothing as itís

subjects thought they saw all. Just

how much could you degrade the law?


The hogs wallowed in the hog pen

with the elusive pigs. The hogís trough

never stayed full as the gluttons wanted it

all and were never satisfied with, I am full but

my belly is empty.


I saw the cowís the horses at peace

grazing upon the land. They grazed in

the grass. I wanted and dreamed of shaking, a

look to the divine, farmerís hand for staying on,


The land. Somebody knew about the Creation and

cherished and loves rolling hillsides and mountain

goats and country back and front yards that extended

as vast fields of corn, soybeans and white cotton.


The birds of the field squatted from the sky. The soil

was turned annually and the cows ate year-round so

did the hogs as they passed waste,


Upon already man-made dung piles

as this was heaped as fertilizer on

those of less numbers, fame or fortune

that sought the freedom to talk.


However this was still a good thing

because in this land there was more

liberty to sing and talk than most

ever imagined. Most thought of nothing.


The righteous knew this as the Word

stood Supreme. I knew none of the

great masters the philosophers that did

not know of the great Creation. They,


Also rode an independent horse as they

tended to peace among the cows. The

clouds never hung low are heavy as the

rain fell ever so softly, gently playing,


Upon the tree tops and making an

endless water carpet on green grass.

I thought of that righteous farmer again.

I knew he could smell spring time.


I know he was an authority on summer time.

The fall he relished as the harvest extended

to winter and the light from the snow brighten

the night time along with the moon.


Going now to another phase as this room

and great outdoorís fanned in shame as the

odor of fresh dung plied up and the lost

man spit on the ground to the chagrin,


Of no one. Meanwhile I saw transparent

reality. Could man look through Truth?

Did he see Free Speech along the way?

Many wore crystalline eyes as lucid were,


The eyes but they saw nothing. Somehow

though as the looking glass was reversed

there were living shadows of fake friends.

They came as zombies from all directions.


John welcomed solitude as he embraced

the light of the moon. He then stepped over

the fresh piles of human waste as he moved

on to the lush valley of life that led to the,


Promised Land. Here he knew all the names

and love penetrated the air and all hearts

were of gold. There were no thoughts of

swallowing up the young and no burdens,


Were carried as they were laid on an altar

that had previously blessed their relief.

Here the songs were always beautiful songs

as the Delta Blues was sung no more.




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