A Letter of Appeal to The People on Earth

In the name of God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

We bring you greetings of Peace and Paradise from the Creator of all humankind. We realize that our commission and service is to God and God's people. Thus, we accept our role due to our Love for God and God's people. As servants of the Supreme Power on earth who rules all things below, between and above we accept our humble posture. We also reveal that God does not frown on the oppressed and exploited elements on the planet earth for noting that some people because of Race and Money have come to deprive other people of Human Rights. Thus those that REBUKE those that Speak and Write for Freedom, Justice and Equality for humankind and all  oppressed people are confused and carry various labels however the most prominent one is they are ungodly.

The disbelief in the Word of God is held by many people that walk and crawl the planet earth. Many people also think they are the only people that know God. (For the record these people are Black and White).  Also the world is still faced with those that have an ancient view of life and religion. These people are our major concern here and not just White people that ascribe to racism are Black people that commit Black on Black discrimination.  Therefore we declare that many so-called Cultural Nationalists and Afro-Centric scholars embrace "Selective Primitivism”.

However the underlying philosophy in the "Selective Primitivism" approach is malice and hate for the people on earth that are not considered Blacks or Africans. Thus a major and/or primary focal point of the contemporary Cultural Nationalists is a total disdain for anything European. Meanwhile the advocates of this philosophy are also very selective in what they feel is destructive about European civilization. On the surface they seem to support and promote an all Black philosophy that reaches back to the first civilizations on earth for direction and the transition of our culture. There is nothing wrong with the realization of our ancient and primitive culture. However many centuries have passed since man first walked the earth.

The first man did not know of the basic institutions of our present society. The point we wish to make here is that societies in the world have changed and developed. This includes the ethnicity of people, languages culture and religion. Thus we see "Selective Primitivism" when the Cultural Nationalists reach back and bring up religions that do not accept monotheism. Meanwhile, these same die-heart contemporary ancient Africans leave the cooking stove and the water from the spring.

We also note that there is a selective acceptance and rejection of European culture. For the record the impact of European culture on the exploitation of Black people is a well-known fact. However to turn around and preach, rant and rave (Pardon us here as we borrow a particular phrase that is often applied to Psyche Z Publishing/ FreedomJournal) that we should seek the total destruction of European civilization is ridiculous.

We have noted before and we say again: Everything Black is not good and everything White is not bad. Thus we ask the Black community to be very careful that you do not get caught up in the "Spite Whitey Game”. The White man or White people are not solely to blame for the problems in the Black community. Although they may often be the root cause they cannot be held accountable for the many crimes our people commit against each other. We also have some responsibility. Thus we cannot solve any of our problems by believing that if we denounce everything White and accept the road of the Cultural Nationalists our problems will be solved. The road of "Selective Primitivism" is a road of Destruction, Confusion and Hate. This path will generate insurmountable problems toward the Black man, woman, boy and girl receiving Freedom, Justice and Equality.



Part 1: What Is Tithing?

Part 2: The Law And Tithes

Part 3: The Abuse of Tithing

Part 4: The New Testament and Tithes

Part 5: Introduction To Malachi: Who Is Actually Robbing God?

Part 6: Malachi The Prophet Chapter 1

Part 7: God's Love Chapter 1


Part 8: Defective Animals The Sins of the Priests Chapter 1

Part 9: All Sacrifices Are Special Saith The Lord Chapter 1

Part 10: Malachi Chapter 2: True & False Prophets

Part 11: Malachi Chapter 2: The Priests Should Speak For The Lord

Part 12: Malachi Chapter 2: A Broken Agreement

Part 13: The Messenger: The Coming of the Lord: Malachi Chapter 3

Part 14: Who Robs God: Malachi Chapter 3


Part 15: The Whole Nation Is Cursed: Chapter 3

Part 16: Malachi Chapter 3 Bring Tithes Into Store House

Part 17: The Great Judgment Day of The Lord

Part 18: The Law of Moses

Part 19: The Coming of Elijah

Part 20: The Final Day of Judgment

Part 21: What Is The Temple Tax?


Part 22: The Temple Treasury

Part 23: The Levites: The Priesthood

Part 24: The Levites The Descendants of Levi

Part 25: The New Testament & Levities

Part 26: Jesus Christ The High Priest

Part 27: Introduction The Book of Leviticus

Part 28: The Sacrificial Offerings of The Old Covenant


Part 29: The Meat (Grain) Offering

Part 30: The Peace Offering

Part 31: The Sin Offering

Part 32: The Sin Offering The Priest

Part 33: The Trespass Offering

Part 34: The Day of Atonement

Part 35: God Warns Against Improper Sacrifice


Part 36: The Moral & Religious Laws

Part 37: Payments & Promises To The Lord

Part 38: The Relationship of Money To Tithes

Part 39: The Use of Money Throughout The Bible

Part 40: Offerings Further Defined

Part 41: Tithe Is Not Money




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