(22 June 2008 by Carl A. Patton)



Brethren can a thief trap himself? Can you be trapped if you are a thief and not be a thief?  Entrapment is defined as an act of entrapping. To entrap is further defined as: to bring into difficulty or danger; deceive; trick. If a person is tempted or enticed with something they find of value and they steal it, is this entrapment?


“There was once an honest man. When he found a wallet filled with money he returned it to its rightful owner. He also refused to buy stolen goods for less than 50% of its original value. Meanwhile the dishonest man bought every Hot item he could get his hands on.  He also declared when he found a wallet or any other object “loser’s weepers, finder’s keepers.”


So who, what is a thief? A thief is a person who steals, especially one who steals secretly and without using force. Thus he will take a bribe. But without a heart of larceny he would not take a bribe because most thieves are born and not made.


I believe there is a heart

of goodness and a heart

of larceny. The felonious

thief said it took nerve

to steal.


These rogues also believed

that why buy something when

you can take it. Is taking something

that may not belong to you the

same as stealing?


A hungry oppressed man

took food to feed self and

family. The storehouse that

he helped fill was running over.


I remember Hank who we also

called Blue and Dirty Red.

He could not help but steal

anything of value left un-



Was this a gift/curse just like

those that could play piano

by ear. Stealing was not

the easiest thing to do you had

to be good at it.


Eventually young gifted thieves

grew into old, middle-aged thieves

as some had now become dirty

White collar thieves.


The man worried by a pesky

thieving mice set a trap. However the

trap was only broken by the

mice who were hungry and

entered the trap.


Many crooked politicians were

neither hungry nor thirsty. But they

were greedy. They set a trap

for themselves however they were

blind by greed and did not see

their own entrapment.




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