This series was inspired by the recent attack on Black people made by a man named David Horowitz. David Horowitz is known as a Jew. For the record Jew relates to a religion called Judaism. Thus for the sake of identification we note that David Horowitz is allegedly of Hebrew ethnic origins. Hebrew pertains to a race or ethnic group, therefore this distinction more adequately describes Horowitz instead of identifying him with a religion that he surely does not ascribe to.

The critique David Horowitz made on the Black Reparations movement is not just an isolated incident of White racism. From our analysis this written attack is a classic example of the historic racism projected by the White Hebrew people. Thus there is a need to bring more clarity to these enigmatic people who often claim they are great friends of Black people.

Therefore, we will bring several topics up for review. We will also allow the Spirit to lead and guide us as we write this series. Thus, we continue to pray that Almighty God will continue to grant us Truth, Wisdom and Knowledge. The beginning article will attempt to identify the Hebrew people. We will then move to record the facts that the Bible reveals about the Hebrew people and Jews. Here we will also note the distinctions between race and religion. Therefore, questions of race and religion will be explored. Thus we will pursue how Judaism became confused with race? Also as we expose questions of economic racism, we will review the impact of the slave trade and the influence the Hebrew people had on this trade.

Part 1: Who Are The Hebrews?

Part 2: The Hebrews Become The Children of Israel

Part 3: The Patriarchs Of A Race and A Religion

Part 4: Jacob: The Children of Israel

Part 5: Judah: Hebrews, Jews, Christians, Jesus



Part 6: Judaism: Christ and Christianity

Part 7: Judaism Race or Religion?

Part 8: The Diaspora: A Multi-Racial People

Part 9: Judaism and The Messiah

Part 10: Anti-Semitism: Race, Religion or Economics



Part 11: Anti-Semitism: The Evolution From Religion To Ethno/Economics

Part 12: Anti-Semitism and Jewish Ethno/Economics

Part 13: Blacks and Jews: Anti-Semitism and Economic/Racism

Part 14: Did Slavery Establish Economic/Racism?

Part 15: Economic/Racism and Jews




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