(5-6-08 by Carl A. Patton)


As we allude to things of the unknown we look at heuristic. Here we find a hypothesis that serves as a guide. It also gives direction in solving a problem but is not considered proven. Does a heuristic approach seek to find out or discover? Will this approach stimulate students and thinkers to search for further answers for themselves? But can you bow to the world and find these answers?


What can we prove about Truth? Does it depend on who is seeking Truth? Meanwhile that great genius of physics Albert Einstein said:


“Blind respect for authority is the greatest enemy of Truth.”


Now brethren let us think? Can we find other answers for anything that poses questions for society? Can we clearly see the end of this question? What authority?


I passed interspersed the shadows and

cob-webs of your mind. For I knew

the standing predator. As an

antagonist he came cloaked in

adversary rags and reeked of a stale

odor that laughed at things not

funny as he tried to hide Truth.


Meanwhile I saw authority in humankind

that told exaggerated tales of the world

as many bowed to kings, queens and

the money barons. There was/is also many

other vices as all things thought to be

good would one day be bad.


Never say never as to order and

the campaign against confusion.

God did not order confusion

however man knew nothing of

the infinite as he felt puffed up

in his definable wisdom that was



So the wise logically and without

hesitation went outside the limits.

They saw this as the avenue to

creative thinking as no great thinker

could stay within the box.


Authority figures held their heads

not in shame as they believed they

held the keys to knowledge and

their Truth was known, as the unknown

to them was a lie, many slept with the



During these times there came the

independent thinker who loved Truth.

He also loved God as he knew more

than once that God was at the center

of Truth. Many of the early great

philosophers of the west as they

were also from the east also knew that

God was the primary figure in Truth.


Meanwhile we look back and see that

they toyed and dallied with a “Methodology

For Obtaining Truth” which goes through

God. Carelessly the enemy of Truth believed

that only what they can see is Truth.


I hear and feel the truth seekers in the

field and in the classroom. He looked

with his eyes as did the slanderer but

the vilifier saw little although he thought

he saw much. But the Truth-seeker saw even

with his heart. Thus he saw much and to some

the unknown.


The box as it was noted, closed tightly

around the dogmatic authoritarians thinking-less.

He saw no extenuating circumstances.

He ceased to think as rote memory and

general human behavior often controlled

his every action.


All the paintings he saw and painted

were done in dull abstract colors and

drawings, as no life came upon those

that knew none of the colors of the

rainbow. In God’s house the majority

did not always rule.


The box people often had no box cutters

as they stood firm against new ideas.

The heuristic people were heretics? They,

the box-headed people banished all new thought

and Truth was no priority. Censorship became a

part of the indigenous box people as they stayed

at home.


John just looked at the box. The squares were the

sullen, dull and mis-directed people. However many

were lazy and content with all things that their supreme

power told them. Who told them what?


His mind carried hair, a hat and

ears that seem to hold empty space

in-between. John frowned as he

knew that the head was not a

muscle but it still needed cultivation.


The box cutters now came up like a

snakes head, spitting censuring venom and trying

to cut the legs of the Truth-seekers.

They also threw rocks at his head, however

he stayed bowed in prayer and the rocks

landed low and never high.  Truth rested

beyond the clouds, although right before

our very eyes.




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