Greetings my beloved Brethren. Peace be unto you. As we extend our philosophical poetry and prose we now look to a new genre established by the Think Tank of the FreedomJournal called ProVerse. Here we will continue to develop our revelations in prose and verse. We have a great subject in that genius of a man Dr. Albert Einstein. Many are fascinated by his life and times on earth. Especially since he has been noted as one of the world’s greatest thinkers. As believers in our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus we are also very interested in Einstein’s views on religion and God.


Therefore we will explore as far as the Spirit takes us into the deepest cavities of his psychic. We have been blessed to realize as we grow in Truth and Knowledge and become closer to God that the Creator the Father is the center of Truth. Thus without God you have little truth but with God you have big Truth and can reach the high road of Truth and understanding. Therefore we argue that God allows those that believe and trust in Him the ability to see things others may find absent from a non-inspired and limited mind.


So what does Einstein contribute to the world as a thinker and genius of physics? Is it more that most have imagined? Can one be a genius an undisputed intellectual and great thinker and not know God? Can you be unaware of your lack of understanding that God is the Creator and administrator of Truth?  Just what is “The Methodology For Obtaining Truth” revealed by the FreedomJournal? Can Social Science ever be as exact as the physical sciences? Is it really possible to be either right or wrong regarding questions facing the Social Scientist? Just what (who) is a Spiritual Scientist?


In this life I could see and hear

many things. However as I leaned

on Jesus I could see, feel and even

touch the unseen and the unknown.


This no doubt set me apart from the

mere trained intellectual. Mis-education

took a serious turn to shame in the heart

and mind of the Spiritual Scientist.


I thus came with no credentials granted

by man but in my heart I felt the Spirit

move me and thus I could see even when

I slept because this is when the Spirit was,


Alone with me and He spoke more than

once. For this I am grateful. I know He

also spoke to many others but many heard

and did not hear.



Part 1: Did Einstein Believe In God?


Part 2: Einstein: Jesus and Christianity


Part 3: Einstein: God and Free Will


Part 4: Spinoza’s God, Einstein and Imagination


Part 5: Einstein’s Credo: What I Believe


Part 6: Einstein: Do Scientists Pray?


Part 7: Spinoza’s God And Einstein


Part 8: Einstein On Atheists


Part 9: Einstein: The Impact of Science On Religion


Part 10: Einstein: Science, Religion & A Deity


Part 11: Critique: Einstein The Conflict of Science And Religion


Part 12: Einstein: Free Will Vs. Determined


Part 13: Einstein: Schopenhauer and Evil


Part 14: Einstein: Human Beings Free or Determined



Part 15: Einstein: Max Born, Schrodinger’s Spooky Action and Quantum Mechanics


Part 16: Einstein: Causality vs. Realism, What Is Reality?


Part 17: Einstein: Growth In Intellect & The Spirit (Positivism)


Part 18: Einstein: Realism & Physical Reality


Part 19: Einstein: The Definitive Qualities of Separability


Part 20: Einstein: Physics & Reality vs. Spiritual Reality


Part 21: Einstein: Closet Spiritual Scientist


Part 22: Einstein: The Beauty Of Searching For Truth


Part 23: Einstein: The Greatest Challenge To The Scientist


Part 24: Einstein: Politics & Science



Part 25: Einstein & Godel: The Existence of Time

Part 26: Einstein: Science Politics and Free Expression



This series of articles does not conclude the discussion on Einstein. We have been moved to extend this discussion to an extended study and book. Thus we hope to show what the Word of God says about E=mc˛ thus paving the way for the reality of T=ss˛. Meanwhile feast on additional observations on the psychic and mind of the Great Dr. E.


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