Editors Note: We return to Einstein as we await the publication of an extended look at Einstein, God, Religion and Science. Who can shake a dead tree and bring it to life? Is this revolutionary research inspired by God what promotes the futile actions that burn books?




In the name of God Master, of the Universe, Ruler of the earth


Writers Note: No doubt T=ss² has inspired some that challenge the dedicated Spiritual Scientist. But the world and the multitudes come not from the inspiration of God. However no one has ever stopped the rush and fall of water in any time or space. Thus we send many things once more than once for your thought and mediation.


Greetings Brethren,



Peace be unto you. To the Church and believing Christians everywhere. To those that believe in the Bible as the supreme authority that governs all of humankind. In this we give thanks to God the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit that leads and guides us the straightway.


Out of the supercharged German-speaking intellectual world, in which physics and mathematics and philosophy intertwined, three jarring theories of the twentieth century emerged: Einstein’s relativity, Heisenberg’s uncertainty, and Godel’s incompleteness.


During their walks, Godel explored some of the implications of relativity theory, and he came up with an analysis that called into question whether time, rather than merely being relative, could be said to exist at all. Einstein’s equations, he figured, could describe a universe that was rotation rather than (or in addition to) expanding. In such a case, the relationship between space and time could become, mathematically, mixed up. “The existence of an objective lapse of time,” he wrote, “means that reality consists of an infinity of layers of ‘now’ which come into existence successively. But if simultaneity is something relative, each observer has his own set of ‘nows,’ and none of these various layers can claim the prerogative of representing the objective lapse of time.”  (Einstein His Life and Universe, Walter Isaacson, pp.  510-511).


As a result, Godel argued, time travel would be possible. “By making a round trip on a rocket ship in a sufficiently wide curve, it is possible in these worlds to travel into any region of the past, present and future, and back again.” That would be absurd, he noted, because then we could go back and chat with a younger version of ourselves (or, even more discomforting, our older version could come back and chat with us). Godel had achieved an amazing demonstration that time travel, strictly understood, was consistent with the theory of relativity,” writes Boston University philosophy professor Palle Yourgrau in his book on Godel’s relationship with Einstein, “World Without Time”.  “The primary result was a powerful argument that if time travel is possible, time itself is not.” (p. 511) 


Einstein rested his case on mass and energy to be equivalent and states that a moving object will experience changes in size and time which are related to its speed but are only noticeable at speeds approaching that of light. Herr Heisenberg was uncertain about these things and argued: certain coordinates of a single physical object can never be accurately determined simultaneously, as the position and velocity of an electron. Meanwhile Godel saw incompleteness as he challenged Einstein theories on relativity. But can we really go forward or back? Does time surely exist? What is time and space?


Another Space In Time


Brethren does time only exist for the saved?

Can man count time? Just how can time be

measured? John was sitting not as an idle bystander

but one deeply involved in the thoughts that

came this way.


Time is not a boomerang it will not come

back, but it will go forward. But God sent

the Light and God controls the time. John as

he mused over his conversion he saw yesterday

lived out the present and looked to the future.


But he also knew that God would never allow

man to create a flying device that could take

you there. So is time best seen in the Creator

and the reality of dreams He has allowed us?


Look further with us at the following verses

as time moves on and the energy that we reveal

in study will allow us to continue to see the Light

of God and the other lights will always shine.




There floating on

ground clouds was

man in and,


Upon space. There

a distinct happening

occurred, like no,


Other. Each thing

that moved saw

an exclusive hold,


A time in

Space. What happened

There? Hail to,


The scribes who

remember that space

in time.


Meanwhile they often

write for naught

as man continues,


His lust for

ignorance and disbelief,

wallowing in slop,


As pigs and

swine in seas

of foolishness. Meanwhile,


The sky looked

on. The wind

continued to blow.


Upon each breath

of wind was

a moment and,


Time in space.

I relished being

there. So the,


Age and cycle

of this era

did some see?


What did I

see? The season

ended, was the,


Time and space

silent? What will

tomorrow and today,


Bring? I saw

righteousness. I saw

Peace here, the,


Time had no

end. Nor were

there scribes. Where,


Did all the

trouble go? Where

is the rain?


Pleasant is this

time and space this

time is everlasting.




We hail the

joy to look

into time.


In time what

do we see?

In time is,


Everything. What do

you feel when

you live life?


As time moves

on. What time

is it?


Who sees the

Light? Who can

see darkness?


The Light is

always on. Time

is a constant,


Inspiration. For time

is not make



Time is real.

This I do

see. For this

I am thankful.




Brethren I am grateful

for this time in space,

for these breaths that I,


Take. I am a living

soul, made of body and

a good Spirit.


For this I am thankful,

for I could have been

dead and gone.


This is my space

and I am responsible

for this time.


What will I see?

Will I record many



I saw peace in the

green grass. I felt

the presence of,


Silent wind. This

was my special place,

for this time and,


Space was like

no other. So special

are moments we spend,


In space and time.

For this we are eternally



Cont. Part 26: Einstein: Science, Politics and Free Expression


Peace and Golden Paradise, Carl A. Patton a willing slave and servant of Almighty God and Christ Jesus writing for the FreedomJournal Press a God Fearing Free Press 5 July 2009 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.





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