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Greetings Brethren,



Peace be unto you. To the Church and believing Christians everywhere. To those that believe in the Bible as the supreme authority that governs all of humankind. In this we give thanks to God the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit that leads and guides us the straightway.


We now bring up for review the third component of Einstein’s theories on realism. Thus his belief in strict causality, which implies certainty and classical determinism. The idea that probabilities play a role in reality was as disconcerting to him as the idea that our observations might play a role in collapsing those probabilities. “Some physicists, among them myself, cannot believe,” he said, “that we must accept the view that events in nature are analogous to a game of chance.”      


But just as he felt awe when first pondering a compass as a child, Einstein was able to feel awe that there are rules ordering our perceptions, rather than pure randomness. Reverence for this astonishing and unexpected comprehensibility of the universe was the foundation for his realism as well as the defining character of what he called his religious faith.


 He expressed this in a 1936 essay, “Physics and Reality,” written on the heels of his defense of realism in the debates over quantum mechanics. “The very fact that the totality of our sense experiences is such that, by means of thinking, it can be put in order, this fact is one that leaves us in awe,” he wrote. “The eternal mystery of the world is its comprehensibility… The fact that it is comprehensible is a miracle.”  (“Einstein His Life and Universe, Walter Isaacson, p. 461).


Once upon the earth that God Created were two men who searched for Truth. One man relied on his neighbor who lived in a big house. The other man relied on the Spirit that placed the Rainbow in the sky. Meanwhile the man who relied on the man in the big house asked. "How do you know God placed the Rainbow in the sky?" The man who relied on the Spirit of God answered with a question. "Did the man in the big house place the Rainbow in the sky?"


Einstein: Reverence For God & Science?


How many others, yes, just how many great

thinkers saw Jesus and the power of God

and fled from total submission? There are

many aspects of strict cause and effect among

the saints. I was stirred by the ills of the world

the effect was my conversion and faith.


How does one arrive at Truth? Is there an ultimate Truth? Is there a natural order of the earth ordained by God? What is the impact of human reasoning on the senses? Can the cause and effect of historical, political, sociological and economic questions be determined similar to those in applied mathematics? Just how important is experience and observation in determining matters of fact? Are matters of fact Truth? (Prose Excerpts taken from “The Methodology For Obtaining Truth: Part 10: Cause & Effect; The Impact of Experience & Observation On Matters of Fact.” Carl A. Patton, FreedomJournal Press).


However the spiritual world and the submission

to Christ does not immediately move one to

a state of complete certainty or classical

determinism. This will come to all the saints

but in a little while thus we wait as the home-

going is a part of the confirmed destiny.


Truth now begins to speak.

“Is it written brethren that questions are to be answered by statements and not further questions? Actually do questions pose answers to other questions? Therefore can we determine that causes and effects are discoverable? What is the great distinction between things discovered and things invented? Does human reason without experience render cause and effect? Are the senses and the human mind capable of foretelling cause and effect of societal concerns and nature?”


With God there are no far-fetched probabilities.

Also we come to argue that social science does

not dwell or depend on such things. We can thus

prove more in an intellectual think tank of unbiased

scholars than most scientist can do with less than

human rats.


"But Truth what about the different viewpoints regarding things in society?  How then do one's personal experiences impact on his conclusions and on cause and effect?"


"FreedomJournal we see that you have been thinking. We are also very grateful to be here at this point in time to share our thoughts with you and our brethren. Therefore, is every effect a distinct result of its cause? If the cause is universal, can the effect also hold true? Let it be written that in the realm of Social Science it is often agreed that everyone has an opinion. Therefore, the debate is often endless on various subjects. However, despite ethnic groups, station in society and the impact of your personal experiences there is only one effect. Then can there be various causes? Can causes then be interrelated? If this is so can effects then be interrelated and several and not just one?"


But what of the role of probabilities playing a role in

reality? The journalist that looked to the New Journalism

knew that inherent in this approach that is philosophical

he designed the scenario of the crime that there were only

four possible motives. He then added up the facts that were

kin to each one.  The one that held the greatest degree of

facts then became a reality.


"Truth would you now give us some insight on observation and experience in the things you have noted?"


"It is for sure that observation and experience have a great impact on determining Truth. However many cry that Truth as is beauty is found in the perception of the eye of the beholder. Therefore one can argue that many people embrace a view of the world based on personal experience and observations. This view of the world and its people also encompasses one's ethnic lineage. Thus the underlying premise is that various people view the world differently based on various variables.


Therefore there can be some merit in our observations

destroying the probabilities and bring them to the table

of realism. However they must be scientifically classified

and move from things probable to things that are possible

pointing to the one that is most likely and clearly observable.


Here the classic example is posed regarding the European view of Africa as opposed to the native people and Blacks in the Diaspora. Here we inject the simple terms of right and wrong. We also note good and bad. We further note that the sincere person is not selfish.  Although he has not had, certain experiences are has suffered from certain circumstances he should have some knowledge and compassion for those different. Those different are those who have been historically oppressed and exploited.


But who said there is no merit in things unseen and un-

observable? You cannot know God and see all things

that impact on one’s spiritual being however those that

are weak in the faith and don’t know God will never under-

stand this phenomena or miracle. Although Einstein talks of

miracles he does not speak in the realm of the miraculous of God.


Thus we argue that although the European Imperialist or Colonial master embraced selfish interests he was not devoid of the tragic results of his policies and his view of the world as it brought havoc on the native people of the land he sought to conquest."


"So Truth you are saying that despite an experience in affluence you should also have some knowledge of those in the Ghetto. Therefore are you saying that many people hide behind their so-called world view?"


Beloved physics nor is social science a game of chance. However

there are more ways to prove things than from the physical science

perspective. Thus are there new and different methods of research

among the various scientific communities? Surely there are rules

and guidelines in ascertaining information. A look at the probable and

possible is not random thought as long as it is based on that opinion

that comes with facts.


“FreedomJournal true, it is no excuse to exploit other people based on race or their station in life. Thus no matter how you view the world your assessment from a Colonial perspective is limited regarding Truth. Therefore the cause and effect of Colonialism include the exploitative position and conclusions but are not exclusive as to Truth. Therefore, Truth is housed in the real reasons for Colonialism.  For example how has this doctrine affected the people colonized? Thus, the cause and effect conclusions from the Colonial masters are secondary to those of the exploited."


So as Einstein comprehended the universe his foundation for realism

became what he described as his religious faith. But did he try

to limit God? Surely the order of thought among those that actually

think is a miracle from God. However the greatest miracle is when

many have the faith to trust in God and then see things not observable

by the lost. There is a reverence for God and Science but what comes



"Thank you Truth. I realize that we are covering much ground but I know that you will elaborate on many of these points later. Nevertheless, now I would like to pose the question of mathematics. Is mathematics an ultimate Truth? "


Cont. Part 21: Einstein: Closet Spiritual Scientist



Peace and Golden Paradise, Carl A. Patton a willing slave and servant of Almighty God writing for the FreedomJournal Press 6 April 2009 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.


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