Part 4: Jesus Christ Parables of Matthew 13  Part 9: Matthew 13: 15: The Fear of Christ


Editors Note: Beloved ProVerse tugs at the gut of the intellect of some speakers while looking for inspiration in the unknown as to further meaning. Meanwhile the creative writer looked not to improvisation as this had been sent.


In the name of God Master, of the Universe, Ruler of the earth


Greetings Brethren,


Peace be unto you. To the Church and believing Christians everywhere and those that believe in the Bible as the Supreme authority of God’s Laws. For the record and the sign post many people that confess to be Christians are now during these trying times looking to man, materialism and God knows what as additional authorities on how to get to Heaven. Glory be to God our Father and to His Son our Savior Christ Jesus blessed by the Holy Spirit.


Einstein was at times questioned about his religious beliefs. For example was he influenced by Christianity?

“As a child I received instruction both in the Bible and in the Talmud. I am a Jew, but I am enthralled by the luminous figure of the Nazarene.”


These questions were posed by George Sylvester Viereck a writer of erotic poetry who interviewed great men. Meanwhile still addressing Einstein he asks “Do you accept the historical existence of Jesus?”

“Unquestionable! No one can read the Gospels without feeling the actual presence of Jesus. His personality pulsates in every word. No myth is filled with such life.” (Einstein His World and Universe, Walter Isaacson, p. 386).


The Savior Is Real (12-16-08)


Was it the Hebrew in Einstein

the Jew in Einstein that could

see Christ? If not a myth the

Savior is thus real.


So as the Gospels unfold any

manner of men Jews and Gentiles

Protestants and Catholics claim

or know Christ?


Who, just who can ever question

His divine presence then, now

and at the Last and Final Day?


Just how could any great thinker

deny Truth and the Gospels?

Was Einstein a preacher a minister

or just a believer in----what Word?


Jesus was/is Christianity and the Gospels. From the first, Genesis to the last Revelation we see Jesus. Those that live to think, also cannot help but see the Spirit. However, if not for the elusive mind the Spirit would pass many by. But the Truth reigns and is not hidden. Will man forever hide behind Satan and the Devils door?


There are some that have come upon the

earth realizing the impact of Jesus

the Prophet. However, many deny his

divine posture and his miraculous birth.


So what character of men are those that

see some of Jesus? Can you see a part and

not the whole? Can you see Jesus and not

see the Father?


Brethren look closely with us as one must

see and feel the Spirit to be whole. Thus

one’s imagination becomes real as the

Wind whistles, we listen to the songs,


That ensue, the verse that unfolds and

the revelations that come upon the mind

and breast of the righteous. This is seeing


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Peace and Golden Paradise, Carl A. Patton a willing slave and servant of Almighty God writing for the FreedomJournal 19 December 2008 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.


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