(17 January 2008 by Carl A. Patton)



The Sun had never set upon

this day as storm clouds rested

starving the rain that had come

a day earlier. Meanwhile dark and

natural colored gray sky dominated

the Heavens.


Dark and gloomy was this

day for the lost. However

the saved shouted with

joy for the inspiration once

again talked to me.


Many letters had fallen and had

been burned and wasted upon

the land. Along the roadways

were refugees in disguised

tainted stories that told part of the



The lairs cried out for more room

as a different cadre crowded the

church houses brandishing costumes

styling after Gorgeous George,

Gloria Jean and riding

ignorance, tales, lies, custom

and traditions like a dead

Black horse.


Surely, but sadly those that did

not know God also could not tell you

where they came from. Why

was the history of the church lost?


Just where did Jesus the Savior

end and man begin? The walls

of knowledge came tumbling

down but they came to a

damn stop as many heads

were blocked.


Meanwhile the letters continued to

fall. They were trampled on, burned

and scattered to the four winds. Some

cried out in joy and some just cried.


Was the movement of the air a

blessing? Did Truth, knowledge,

wisdom and fool’s gold also ride with

the wind?


Many things floated by this space

in time. Just one more truth

that sends you to mother earth

and those that only whisper.


Many fools rush in. The wise

dodge bullets and arrows of confusion,

that asked complacent questions

that had already been answered.


I love to look at sunshine.

Will the sun at your house

shine today?


The rain fell like burnt

pages, but the fire never

consumed the lost letters that were

caught by righteousness and

scorned by the ungodly.




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