(24 August 2008 by Carl A. Patton)




“If you do not think you will follow fools to a foolish paradise.”



Greetings Brethren,


Peace be unto you. Since thinkers think I thought of Dr. Einstein once more than once. Looking at “Einstein” by Walter Isaacson again I came upon yet another quote by the thinker.


Responding to what he viewed as a flawed rote educational method, (thank you Einstein) by Thomas Edison he noted the following:


“The value of a college education is not the learning of many facts but the training of the mind to think.”

Educational Default? Slaughter of The Law?



There was once a man who finally

began to think that if he would think

he would figure it all out.


There was once a time when I just

knew a little. Few things were thought



However I knew that something was

amiss. I saw many sad episodes

of confusion as I passed the way.


Young fools only made the transition

to old fools. I saw solitude those

days but I did not know how or why.


Appreciation for the Wind comes

with maturity and much thought.

Those days also saw those that had,


Been held back because of the

conflict with economics and

race embrace the school house,

Slavery & Sexuality: Economics & Racism


As a means to rise up from poverty.

They memorized Bible verses at school

then as prayer was still there.


Just what did the Bible say? Did anyone who memorized think on that? Who taught them to think? Was memorizing thinking? Limited maybe but it followed a true and uncertain course. However the thinker never rambled he grabbed the whole picture. Part 4: A Note on How To Study The Bible



Some soon prided themselves as to

how they remembered a song a poem

we salute the poets. We also salute,


The African story-tellers and the

oral historians in our people and in

my family. Hello Ruby Sue.


However this was the fool’s school

and the way to mis-education. Can

one then be educated and become,


A great thinker and not be independent

in thought, mind, body and soul?

Meanwhile the mind was lost in,


High bushes as thinking was

frowned on as it took energy.

It also threatened some lost ignorant people.


So I will just put my cap on backwards, mark my body, pierce my heart and pin my ears down and play a video game. And many women wore pants in the Church house and on their wedding day. Cults & Christian Dogmatism


Educated zombies became in vogue

as intellect came to define wayward

principles as the elite joined the less ignorant.


They made chili with bad beans and fouled the bowl with loose morals and all things there that happened you leave them there and take nothing with you especially your money that comes first in your life.


I imagine the real sages went in

hiding once more as they puked at

the sight and thought of nonsense.


No one gifted the fool with anything

and the thinkers cried and moaned,

decrying ignorance mostly to no avail.

Ignorance vs. Accepted Ignorance (Conflict, Confusion, Contradictions, Confrontation-Resolution)



Peace and Paradise, Carl A. Patton a willing slave of Almighty God and Christ writing for the FreedomJournal moved by the Spirit 26 August 2008 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus


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