Part 3: Black Agents of Control

The history of Black America has always revealed a cadre of Black agents that have worked against their own people. For a detailed and documented study of Black agents see "The Black Conspiracy: The Rise and Fall of A Commission Form of Government" by Carl A. Patton. This manuscript is unpublished. However most of this information is taken from a dissertation that was rejected at the infamous Atlanta University (aka Clark A.U.)

department of political science during 1980-1987.


The Freedom Journal has concluded that if not for this on-going Black conspiracy many of the instances of racism, manipulation and exploitation of the Black and poor would not exist. Therefore, the ruling regime and those that benefit from the mis-education of Black people willfully and carefully select those that they use to impede, stall and hamper any positive independent progress in the Black community.


Therefore we pose the following questions:

1. Did the public and private agencies that financed the establishment of Black colleges and universities adopt a philosophy of enslavement education?

2. Was Booker T. Washington a tool of enslavement education that oppressed Black people?

3. Did Black people have a viable choice between independence and dependence in the educational arena?

4. Is there any significance to early Black colleges like Fisk being established for the offspring of White males who had held Blacks as slaves?

5. Since our first real educational experiences were an alleged gift from the defenders of freedom should we have just been grateful for anything we got?


Thus if you have answered yes to most of these questions, we conclude that something was definitely wrong from the very beginning with higher education in the Black community. So if our schools have been staffed by people with a certain mind-set and propelled from the outside by a manipulation philosophy, what next? John H. Stanfield, in "Philanthropy and Jim Crow In American Social Sciences" adds to our discussion. This book documents the elaborate means by which social science was used to support racial oppression and Jim Crow. Stanfield argues:


"Many of the ideas developed by social scientists were used to justify the biological and cultural degradation of racial minorities."


Therefore after placing Blacks and Whites in our schools with a Euro-Centric outlook on life and a worldview that supported racism, the curriculum was also designed to protect those absurd notions. The Black elite who were placed in positions of authority in education as administrators and teachers for the most part have carried out a system that has controlled Black minds for generations.


But what about those that have not, been mis-educated? The system of mis-education has been so successful that very few Blacks that have made their mark in the leadership ranks have been able to slip through the mis-education network. At this point the Freedom Journal declares to the chagrin of many mis-educated Negroes and intellectual Uncle Toms that Frederick Douglass, Marcus Garvey, J.A. Rogers, Elijah Muhammad, and Malcolm, X were some of our greatest intellects. These great Black men were not mis-educated in the schools of America. The absence of formal education, most likely accounts for the Afro-Centric views that were untainted by the systematic Euro-Centric brainwashing noted in the educational experiences of most Black intellectuals. But a few of our scholars did slip through the cracks of the educational system that has noted examples of control throughout the world. Among those that have withstood the attempts of mis-education are W.E.B. DuBois, Carter G. Woodson. E. Franklin Frazier, Stokley Carmichael, Huey Newton, Walter Rodney, Frantz Fanon, Cheikh Anta Diop and Kwame Nkrumah to name a few. This writer also slipped through the cracks (I will give a more detailed account of my educational experiences of attempted mis-education at Tennessee State University, Fisk University and Atlanta University and/or a critique of Black Studies (Clark Atlanta University) later in this series).


Those that have not been mis-educated see the need to establish a framework for a new approach to the Social Sciences. This educational approach will differ from the established Euro-Centric approach for the study of the Social Sciences. For the record much of the jargon in Political Science, and History courses taught at schools like Harvard is useless in analyzing the Black experience. Thus, since the Black experience in America is tied to the White experience, many of these (Social Science as taught at Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Vanderbilt, Emory etc.) principles are only valid when you attempt to exclude the presence of Black people from the American scene, which is impossible. Thus those trained in a Euro-Centric approach are ill prepared to deal with Afro-Centric scholars and the real world because they have restricted their research and concentrated in distortions, myths, assumptions and lies.


Therefore, most of what these pseudo-scholars have learned (Black or White) is propaganda. These curriculums are a waste of time and accounts for mis-education of the Negro and also the mis-education of White people. Meanwhile, we see the agents of control in schools of Theology. In these schools Black aspiring preachers are taught the interpretation of the Bible worked out by racists. These people have distorted the Bible and supported the on-going economic exploitation of Black people and have supported the system of institutional racism throughout America. No wonder Black preachers are so messed up. (As an aside it is a crying shame that you have Black preachers claiming that leading some Gospel Hip-Hop artists actually have a ministry. Any man is a fool if he thinks he can lower the standards of God. The man in the flesh who attempts to bring the world into the church is on a path of doom, destruction and ruin. Rap music has no place in the church. It can also be argued that Rap music has no place anywhere). Meanwhile most Black preachers have a false message for the people, because agents of the devil have trained them. Also for the record all of this money preaching (Prosperity Preachers) will result in a specific ending in hell. Thus, those that follow these charlatans have a problem along the road of salvation. You cannot demand or decide what blessings you will receive from God. You can prepare for your blessings. But if you think that some preacher can teach you how to be prosperous you are a fool. Simply, one does not worship God as a way to material wealth.


Business Schools also participate in this confusion. Our Business Schools train Blacks not to be self-sufficient, but in Wall Street philosophy. The term entering the mainstream for success is a guise to give up your identity. It is a false illusion that the drive to assimilate is the only means for survival.


Where are the Black journalists? The mis-educated Negro journalist is the flavor. From my eyewitness account and experience as a journalist I have observed that many of the Black journalists I have encountered have a fear of writing the Truth. In schools of journalism these Negroes are taught how to function in mainstream media. Those that claim to be Black media simply transfer their Euro-Centric thinking to the Black side. Will the independent Black media in America please stand up?


The free and independent Black media is an evident threat to a society so involved with lies and untruths. Thus, the White Euro-Centric journalists and the mis-educated Negroes who claim to be journalists are actors who have missed their calling in Hollywood. Black independent media is built on accurate knowledge and an analysis of the Black experience from an unbiased Afro-Centric point of view. Mis-educated Negroes are afraid of the Truth and are driven by a warped sense of reality that is met by confusion, because there is confusion when you assist in your own demise.





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