(A Conspiracy of Destruction and Control)

Part 1: Economic Exploitation: The Contradictions of Education

We begin this Introductory essay with the following:

A quote by Professor Robert J. Cummings in the contemporary Introduction to Carter G. Woodson's powerful and revealing book, "Mis-Education of The Negro" renders a succinct statement toward our topic.


"Enslavement education was created to destroy the natural inclinations of a people to re-create their own institutional power-base with those specific goals and objectives most closely identified with their own survival. It replaced the more hideous and formal system of human slavery in the United States after the physical release, some called it freedom of African Americans."

Professor Cummings further argues that this system was carefully constructed to maintain a permanent dependence on the former slave masters. Its objective being to control the minds of recently freed slaves. But why would the former slave master want to control the minds of newly freed slaves? Also why would the former slave master want newly freed Blacks to be dependent upon the former slave master's community?

The record shows that the enslavement of the African was for economic reasons and not racial. White people did not go through the rigors of capturing, transporting and the psychological methods of breeding Blacks to be slaves because of racial hate. Hence there is another factor that has a greater inspiration for many inhabitants of the planet earth. This inspiration is money, and material gain. Along the way racism was invented and has been the justification for not only the enslavement of African people but the justification for Colonialism, Imperialism and Neo-Colonialism throughout the Third World.

If we then conclude that slavery and/or economic dependence of freed slaves is built on certain lies, how can these lies be removed? Most lies can be removed or rendered useless with information and knowledge. But if you allow a free and independent education to slaves or those that are free, education will uncover lies and render any system of economic exploitation useless.

Therefore, a free and independent education with Black value systems imposed would defeat and bring destruction to a system of control for Black people. It is for sure then that education is a critical aspect in the drama of human existence. It is especially critical for those people historically brainwashed, manipulated and exploited.

This particular system still exists. The articles that follow will explore the various ways in which this system has become a fixture of American life. We will also explore how

those that are exploited have come to assist in their own destruction and mis-education. We also declare that The FreedomJournal continues to cry for Unity. We do not cry for unity with our enemies, which is impossible. Thus, whether you opt for fact or opinion, we declare that most if not all Black journalists with mainstream newspapers and many Black papers are not independent thinkers, but mere puppets. We also declare that most if not all Black Intellectuals in our Educational Institutions and the mainstream institutions are also a part of the Euro-Centric system of brainwashing. The following articles will reveal those that have held the Black community back. We will also continue to label the mutinous in the Black community as rogues, scoundrels, and charlatans. They have chosen to be the enemies of the Black community thus if they want to be labeled as responsible people they need to remove themselves from the list of those that are traitors in the Black community and breeders of Black exploitation. We continue to stand against racism, and the manipulation and control of the Black community, whether it comes from, White people, Black people or White or Black Jews.





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