(15 April, 2009, Victory Park by Carl A. Patton)



Peace be unto you. Beloved Almighty God ruled out all hatred, malice, prejudice and racism fell in the dung dust and was trampled by the goats. Tolerance saw love while kindness and compassion went out to every man and woman.


We declare that Almighty God created

all that walk and crawl the planet earth.

He thus made no one that reside in the

planets unseen as man looks through

his human telescopes.


Many cultures crowd and often pollute

the land as they clash as babes who cry

over spilled milk. War rules the minds

of some and the lust for riches infest their

hearts as the body follows.


But there is one commonality that

should rule all men. We all should

agree on Christ. It is written that those

that deny Christ now will eventually if

they liveth call out his name and,


Declare that He is the Lord of Lords

and the King of Kings bowing to His

glory as every knee and body will

confess. This confession will report

that He is the son of God.


Hence He is the Savior of all of

humankind. But why wait? Forsake

not your brother for his color or his

money. Seek love and be blessed in this

day and forever in days to come.


Peace and Love, Carl A. Patton a willing slave and servant of Almighty God writing for the Free Press the FreedomJournal Press this 20th day of May 2009 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.