(By Carl A. Patton, FreedomJournal Press, 15 January 2010)


Greetings Brethren,


Peace be unto you. Thriving on the Spirit once again more than once we look at the afore-mentioned statement. God controls the Heavens, the earth, the cosmos all the land and the great Seas. He also controls all factors of our human existence. The rains came, so did the fires that consumed great trees in the forest. The mud slides also came as the land was flooded and many people had nowhere to run or hide. From somewhere came the hurricanes and the tormenting tornadoes in and out of season. The Tsunami and tidal waves engulfed some distance shores and the rain and snow still came as ice formed where many fish still moved deep in the lakes, the streams and the byways called running water. The earth shook and it will shake again.


The Earth Shakes, Rattles But Never Grows Old


No one that liveth can tell surely as the Black

Crow flies why the winds came and the great

storms that fell tall giant trees. However it is

not a sign of the times as the time is near not

far. My time your time ainít long.


Does the Lord Almighty God speak to us in

strange mysterious ways? Who will hear the words

of the Lord? Man came to the aid of other men as the

infrastructure was never present. Thus many ships

sit in motionless motion docked at the bay.


ďThere was once a man who had a family that

hungered all through the night. Meanwhile his

neighbors who had plenty food saw his anguish,

his thirst and his hunger. However when he brought

food there was no table to sit it upon.


There were also no eating utensils no forks or spoons.

The bowl that he once had, his pride and dignity had been

used up as the dogs came to water their tongue? The floor

was clean and this was all he had to sit upon. But the hunger

was still there.Ē


Looking back this man saw a land that had a great and

illustrious history of independence. In the Hemisphere

West it was first to achieve this goal as the people around

them all succumbed to the Colonial might and rule of

different people from a far off land.


Dr. E. as he expounded his theory of relativity (E=mc≤) noted

that nothing leaves the earth. Thus nothing is truly really

destroyed. But does this take in the sociological fabric

of society? What of the theory of non-conformity (T=ss≤) and

itís principles toward understanding the shaking of the earth.


There is no way to really understand the seemingly mass

devastation and destruction of a land and its people without

God. The Spiritual Scientist then took center stage as he noted

that the Spiritual healing coming first allows us to see grasp and

believe in the physical healing of the masses.


This vanguard of healing also allows us to accept Godís will.

Rest assured brethren as we goeth this way many things we

will never be able to fully explain as we liveth. However the

essence of Spiritual healing comes with faith and patience

as God knows and nothing will grow old.


Who then dealt a hand of poverty and self inflicted

penury and distress upon these people? Was it fate?

Is it then a blessing for the world to see and feel

compassion and love? What is the conscience of the

world revealing as we look to the Seer?


Peace and Paradise,

Dr. Carl A. Patton writing for the FreedomJournal Press 15 January 2010 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.


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