Greetings Brethren,


Peace be unto you. Brethren our hearts burn as we witness the destruction of man. The blind wayward sojourn of the unrighteous knows no love for God. However those that have been under the Word should know. Meanwhile all will be held accountable.


Peace and love Carl Patton a willing slave of Almighty God writing for the FreedomJournal 28 February 2006 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.




Beloved those that come painting pictures of Jesus the Messiah, the Prophets and the Apostles do not know God. We also bear witness that those that come as scribes attempting to fictionalize the Bible are also doomed if repentance does not cross their hearts and minds before the last and Final Day.


What is the challenge for those that know that we can only received the free gift of salvation by following the laws of God. These laws are found in the Bible not in man. However many of those that claim to be Church leaders (preachers etc.) stand by assisting in the destruction of Godís Word and the Church. The times we live in are surely perilous as the days and nights wind up and down.


Where are those that stand with God? Will they stand in the midst of the storms of life and denounce Random House and the Devilish Publishers that know not the Law and publish things that only those that are insane would even suggest are say regarding the Savior of humankind.


What manner of men and women that claim to be under the Word support the make-believe stories about Jesus? Why do many of these same people rally around every new Bible translation that comes on the market? Why do many of the same cults question the authority of the Bible and the Apostle Paul?


Beloved I strongly advise you to stay with God and the Bible. If you are a believer the Word is the only way to Peace and Paradise. No one will reap the eternally blessings of life by following man and his Devil fiction.



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