(30 July 2008 by Carl A. Patton)



Cults are on the rise keep Christ first and stay in prayer. Thus blessed are those that allow the Holy Spirit to discern good from evil.


Greetings Brethren,


Peace be unto you.  Does one need to be removed from personal situations to identify, research/investigate questions confronted by the Social Scientist?  Follow us as we look back on Einstein for a parallel discussion.


Abraham Pais a colleague of Einstein noted in “Einstein His life and Times” by Walter Isaacson, p. 275 the following: “Einstein’s personal detachment and scientific creativity seemed to be subtly linked. This detachment sprang from Einstein’s salient trait of “apartness” which led him to reject scientific conventional wisdom as well as emotional intimacies.”


We look further to see that: “The detachment enabled him to walk through life immersed in thought. It also allowed him or compelled him to pursue his theories in both a simple –minded and simple-handed manner.”


Are there certain parallels among all that seek to unravel the problems and conditions of humankind? What of those commissioned to critique the landscape? Yes what are the motivations of those that see creativity as an inspiration from God? Does God push the pen of justice as he pushes the pen of Biblical Truth?


I cried one day but only for

a little while as I gathered my

thoughts realizing that my mission

was not for self, pleasure or self



I dusted off my emotions comprehending

that to see God and Truth I once

again more than once have to dwell

in solitude and alone.


Thus I related to those that had

come before walking through life

as all space and time was filled

with thoughts.


Do the great thinkers ever cease

thinking? No to do so mean they

have passed away and made the

transition to a place they have,


Always thought about. I meanwhile

can see and feel love if it is

genuine and comes with only

third class baggage.


Affection can surely be carried

over to frivolous times as there is

no time for the detached to

place his mind on hold.


Thus I will not cast my

net down in yonder sea.

I will wait on the Lord.


If it is so, it is so however

I will not tarry on love and

personal bondage.


My time ain’t long and things

un-thought are yet to be brought

up for review.


Yes, I remember no one in

the flesh knows my name.

I think but I know I see Jesus.