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Part 8: The Victory Is Not Solely In the Resurrection



In the name of God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth


Editors Note: Beloved it is our prayer as always for all of humankind to be saved. However many fret and balk at the responsibility that is placed on the saints. The righteous thus come standing firm on the Truth of the Word. However the FreedomJournal wrote nothing in the Bible. We only come as messengers. Thus misplaced displeasure is mis-spent when directed among us. But never should one come to accuse or cause doubt in the Creator. Woe we say to those that throw arrows at Truth as we believe as sure as there is a night sky that God is the Center of Truth.


Greetings Brethren,


Peace be unto you. To the Church and believing Christians everywhere and those that believe in the Bible as the Supreme authority of God’s Laws. For the record and the sign post many people that confess to be Christians are now during these trying times looking to man, materialism and God knows what as additional authorities on how to get to Heaven. Glory be to God our Father and to His Son our Savior Christ Jesus blessed by the Holy Spirit.


Beloved those that walk in the Spirit are so blessed to know Christ the Savior of all of humankind sent by the Father. We relish and rejoice in this victory. However many claim to know Christ. Who are these people? Do they also have a certain destiny?


As the destiny confirmed to all that exist approaches can all have a victory? Is the ability to conquer and live forever man’s greatest achievement? But to die is to gain. Does this mean that one has to die to become the victor? Is there then a sweet song in death for the saints?


Follow us back to Paul at I Corinthians 15 once more and look closely.


I Corinthians 15: 57: “But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.”


All will get up from the grave this is written. Therefore does the victory reside there? So where is the victory? Glory to God the victory is the defeat of the eternal results of individual sin. This is accomplished not be giving money (although the church needs money) but by faithful service to our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.


“Two brothers once upon a time came to life. One dedicated his life early to Christ and one waited till the time he laid upon his death bed.

Many people had been touched by the one brother who was a twin during his life time and he rejoiced every time he helped lead someone to Christ and the Word.

Meanwhile the dying brother we are told had a sincere heart and felt the Spirit of God and Christ he too was saved.”


We also suggest that you look back at Paul writing in Romans 7: 23-25 however we suggest that you read and study the entire chapter especially verses 14-25. But for now follow us to I John for several powerful scriptures that will nail this point home. Glory to God.


I John 5: 4: “For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith.”


Brethren as believers we know the world as the evil practices of man. For example same sex marriages and the on-going attempts by groups and politicians to maintain that these practices born in Sodom are legal and normal. Also of the world is the homicidal attitude among some women regarding abortion. But, the greatest crime of all that penetrates through all fabrics and levels of the world population is the never satisfied lust and illegal regard for all things material.


Meanwhile we bear witness that if man, woman, boy and girl truly love God he will overcome the evils of the world and bow to God and not the things just mentioned. This love is motivated by his faith rendered by the Word of God. But you must study and read your Bible. You can do this if you believe in Jesus Christ.


Now for a concluding statement and scripture we return to Paul at I Corinthians 15.


I Corinthians 15: 58: “Therefore, my beloved brother, be ye stead fast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, for as much as you know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.”


Brethren it is Good News that death does not end it all for the righteous and faithful. They will experience eternal bliss. Although all will die for all must go the way of the earth but they that are inspired by the Word press on in service to God. We will continue in His service finding peace and Joy as we do the Lord’s work. What treasures we store up we seek not to keep but only to do God’s will. (Also see II Peter 3: 18).


Cont. Part 9: Man’s Death Sentence Annulled: Apostle Paul


Peace and Golden Paradise, Carl A. Patton a willing slave and servant of Almighty God writing for the FreedomJournal  15 April 2009 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.


All rights reserved by FreedomJournal Press 2009.