(26 January 2008 by Carl A. Patton)


These are the inspired thoughts of

the righteous as they answer the call

of the Wind.


Thus we pray that the Brethren will

see, hear and feel these humble words

as they will serve you well this time

and forever.


The young new born baby knew

nothing else but trust and

dependence on his mother.


I saw my grandfather William

Patton old and dependent on a

care giver. But was this trust?


Is trust a person trusted?  He had

a firm belief in the honesty, the justice

and power of a person or thing.

Was this also faith?


Meanwhile the man who was dependent

relied on another for support or help.

This condition also could be realized

in the fact of being controlled or influenced

by something else.


Is trust or how is trust related to dependence?

Can you trust someone and not be dependent on

them? Well is dependence a negative

emotion, thing or not?


Is dependence then a positive reaction

to being held to trust someone that

could render to us what we are dependent



But can you really discuss dependence and

trust and not discuss independence? What

does the freedom from the control, influence,


Support or help of others mean? Is being

independent then needing, wishing and getting

no help from others?


Why just why do we have “In God We

Trust” on new money? Is God all we can

truly trust? If this is so why is there such,


A thing as the trust in humankind.

Neither dependence nor independence looms

in the negative. However trust is a

reality only seen in God.




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