DEMENTED SHADOWS (July 27, 2007)



As the righteous went about the

mission that God sent them on

Black and White Devils hide in

the underbrush casting puzzling

and deranged shadows.


Thus Godís mission among the

righteous is always challenged

by the goat herders walking, and

talking, foolishly boasting upon

the everlasting dung pile.


Oh! But God has saved the

righteous for if not for a reward

now we know not. But we do

know of Peace and Paradise

on the other side.


Is there a prayer for the goat herders?

Will there be mercy for those that

tamper with the days and ways

of the appointed?


Meanwhile shadows will never

stay hidden. As the Spirit will

always let us know. Cryptic

obscure gloom seekers will never

reign although they think of

clouded sunshine.


There is no darkness in the Light.

Nor is there any fright for the

righteous as the Lord is always

with us and so is prayer.


Wretched are the souls then of

those that plot treachery among

the righteous. Embracing nebulous

attitudes and enigmatic personalities

is no excuse for left sided thinking.


Hence the scribes as pittance prevails

see no end to the inspiration to

record the ways, times and deeds of

the people that God loves as Jesus

loved his disciples unto death.


Seek not then riches upon this

earth but prepare for the time

of being with some attributes of

the holy angels.





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