(26 January 2008)


It was not long in the lifetime

of the Sage that the crooked

road would become straight.


Evil deeds passed away as

love conquered all. Are was

it time, progress the

natural move to change?


Meanwhile the creative artist

never changed as those that

were truly inspired lived and,


Died by their professional

responsiblity. But some

were defectors.


They came to accept the

deception and opt for

a new life that changed.


However never will there

be a time when the

creative purists saw no


Selfishness in his singular

thoughts of his own mind

and the universe second.


Many thus had been rebuked

and scorned. However they

stayed in the race.


It therefore is written that

one day even on this side

they would see justice.


However their acceptance of

justice does not mean they have

changed. As this is impossible.


But rest assured they react to

the change of the wicked and evil

as to change in this instance means,


That you have seen and embraced

sin as wrong seeks change and right

rests in peace in knowing that all,


Of the wicked will change in due

time as the trumpet is heard and

confessions are spoken upon bowed

bended knees.





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