In the name of God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

We bear witness to the Truth of the one and only God, Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh, Oyankopon, Mawu, Olodumre, Chineke. To those that worship in the ways of the first that came upon the earth, Muslims, Christians, Jews and Gentiles. Salaam Aleikum, Peace and Paradise, Shalom:

Editors Note: The following is the first of a two-part series on Death. As we reflect on the passing of our Mother, we are called upon to place Death in its proper perspective. This first article will seek to define Death and describe Death as seen by the world. The second article will note the Biblical and scriptural references to Death and the results of Death. As the believers seek different paths to God and Peace and Paradise we recognize and respect the beliefs of all people that believe in the Creator.

The end of life on earth is a reality for all of the people that inhabit the planet earth. Thus, death is something that is common to all people regardless of race, class, religion and personal wealth. In a world that is mis-guided along the crooked path of materialism no matter how much money you have you cannot buy eternal life here on earth. Thus, all people will die. It is written that all people will not remain in the grave. Those that submit to the Truth of the Creator will have everlasting life, and those that follow Satan will be cast in the lake of fire.

Since Death is universal and common to all people, we can use Death as a means toward Unity and Peace. Thus if we come to understand and appreciate Death we can have Peace. It is our prayer that the believers come to understand the many problems that cause havoc and destruction in the world. Hence the believers will come to realize that the world is cast in a struggle between good and evil. Therefore, we pray for Unity among all people that believe in the Creator and the Supreme power of God. Those that believe in the Supreme power of God must come together to combat the evils of Satan and his vast army of the wicked and evil.

The wicked and evil seek to destroy families, they seek to destroy the church and our various places of worship, they seek to destroy our youth and cloud the minds of our elderly with the contemporary lies of the righteousness of materialism by any means necessary. Meanwhile they turn wrong into right and persecute those that seek the way of God and the road to Peace and Paradise. God-fearing people can stop the wave of wickedness that has engulfed this planet with the Unity of all that believe in the Supreme power of God.

Death in its worldly sense is defined as: The act of dying. The ending of any form of life in people, animals or plants. The following words also describe death: deceased, defunct, departed, extinct, gone, lifeless, and perished. To bring even more clarity to what is Death we see the following words that note the opposite of Death: alive, animate, being, continuing, enduring, existent, existing, and living.

The Unity and Peace that can be found in Death escapes the people that follow the ways of the world and Satan. But let it be written that those who believe in the Supreme power of God whether you are Muslim, Jewish, Christian or believe in African Traditional Religions you can reveal the true essence of Death to the unbelievers and the lost.

The sorrow, grief and sadness accompanied by Death often affect all humans. Thus, at the time of the Death of a loved one we cry, have feelings of depression, pain and sorrow. Some of these feelings are normal even for the believers. Many of the feelings are normal because it is a reality that you will not be able to communicate and see the person that has met Death again (or in this life). But there is a great consolation for the believers. We do declare that all those that accept the Truth of the Creator, the one and only God will see Jesus, the great Prophets and their loved ones in the afterlife.

Thus, we have come today to declare that there is another analysis and/or description of Death. This description comes from the Spiritual realm. Therefore the believers have a responsibility to reveal to the unbelievers the Peace of Death. We thank God for His Divine revelations. We also bear witness to the fact that there is more than one path to God. As we extend the Olive Branch of Peace to all of our brothers and sisters let it be written that the sincere devotion and submission to a Supreme Power is Godly. Thus, those that know the Creator should come together as one. As we take different roads to the Creator, all of the believers will end up in the place of Peace and Paradise for His namesake. As this century comes to an end, we pray that the new millennium will mark the time that the people of God will come together as one. Be not dismayed because of evil doers and those that cause division and strife. Find Peace and the light in a dark world with your knowledge of God the Creator of all things that exist.

Cont. Part 2: Death and the Scriptures