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Carl A. Patton, FreedomJournal Press




(Rock Place, Stewartís Creek, 7 April 2009, By Carl A. Patton)


As the seemingly never ending events of

Censure continued I thought once more than

once. Faith meanwhile reached out to me

and so did patience. These days ainít long

for the righteous and the unrighteous.


John was filled up with the Spirit as the Word

penterated his heart and sent his mind into

action as his practice merged with theory and

often the reality of listening to what they say

while watching what they do was illogical to some.


Thus the lost had no sense of the miraculous

gifts and talents granted to the saints. Long ago but

not so long in the distant past he came to realize

the gretest blessing is Spiritual healing. Realizing

this he was able to grasp in appreciation his gifts.


Thus he was able to bear witness to the miraculous

as this is where his gifts came from. His creativiaty

was heaven sent and so was his pen. He found joy

in the strength to accept Godís will. He may see

some things called wants on this side.


However all of this needs are met. This is faith.

But what he keeps ever present is what he does

know. It is written brethren for all to see that

there will come peace and paradiset to those

that endure to the end.


The car he rode in was not a grand vehicle

but it moved to point A and point B. His

vacations were seen through magazines and

his mind but he found joy in writing. But

there will comea day when the weary like,


John will be at rest. This he counted up and

kept his heart right. As he read he could not

take any material things with him however

he could take his heart. This he fixed as this

would fly away with him in time and peace.




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