Greetings Brethren:

In a time of trouble many profess to know and need God. We pray that those who express the desire to know God are sincere. Man in the flesh knows not of their heart but the Creator and heart fixer surely knows.

Peace and Love,

Carl Patton writing for the FreedomJournal September 24, 2001 in the year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Critique of Christianity: The Need For A New Christian Church

Part 4: Healing Series: The Miracle of Healing (This series of articles is presently being posted to FreedomJournal readers)

It is for sure that the False Teaching in the church and the acceptance of False Doctrines is leading to the destruction of the Church. For the record man in all of his finite wisdom cannot destroy the Church. However he can recruit many lost souls for Satanís ragtag army and pave their (and his way) way to death in sin and destruction.

Healing is one of the most prominent events that occur in the Bible. Healing also has a prominent place in the hearts and mind of humankind that are destined to live and to die. Hence healing has come to extend life. This life is all that one has ever witnessed. However, the Believer knows another life although he has not witnessed it in the flesh.

Meanwhile, many people want to stay on this side of the river as long as possible. In steps the

Faith-Healers and those that attempt to sell the power of God. The disgraceful (words do not exist to describe this vermin) people that claim they can heal people are common criminals. We believe that the laws of man should be written to dissuade some of these thieves.

However we bear witness that Almighty God will Judge all that have come claiming to speak and act for God but follow Satan. Thus as these crimes continue throughout the Church there is a need to reveal the scriptures that dispute the validity of present day faith-healers?

Hence the FreedomJournal comes not as an apologist for the Dirty Low-Down Swine-Dogs that claim Healing power. We also do not come to win the favor of any group that walk or crawl the planet earth. Our primary concern is to please God. Thus we are very aware that in the process we will not; please many of God's people and those that belong to Satan. However, God's people do not have any power. God has all power and only God can heal the human body.



The Bible does not glorify Money. The Bible glorifies God. Also for the record nowhere in the

Bible do you find Jesus or the Apostle Paul noting money as a great priority in order to Preach and Teach the Truth of God. It is for sure that all Preachers that will (have any stopped) stop taking money for Pastors Appreciation Services will send a message to God and to God's people (that know God) that they are trying to Walk in the Spirit. The Bible reveals a great emphasis on giving to the Poor (those that need) not to Preachers and those that do not need.

The crisis in the Church today is motivated by Money. We declare as Almighty God is our witness and Judge that the most corrupt practices in the Christian Church stem from the love of money. Therefore it is only logical that if we remove the love of money (are those that love money) from the Church we can bear witness to the Truth of God and receive salvation. The record shows that the primary use for money in the church today is noted in gifts, salaries, and other fringe benefits to the Pastor. The other primary uses of money are noted in church building funds and other auxiliaries that support the Pastor in his quest for financial gain and Spiritual Ruin.

So if scripture does not support this campaign and exercise of senseless fund-raising, it evidently comes from man. Thus does man have the right to attempt to re-write the Bible? Does man have the power and authority to removed God and designate a Preacher as their God and worship him?

On this final note we pose the following. Is the traditional Church a Cult? Are the Baptists, Methodists, Catholics, Pentecostals, Church of God, Church of Christ etc. a loosely organized Cult? Is a Cult clearly noted and defined by the denial of Truth? Do Cults thrive on the worship of man instead of God? Is a Cult a group with their own Bible? Can a Cult be among those that share a Bible with the multitudes? What is the most important thing to keep in mind when reading the Bible? If you don't follow a map to Alexandria, you will get Lost. While Lost you may perish.


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