Greetings Brethren:

The world wallows in confusion and mis-direction. No man knows the way if he does not know God. Sadly many of those who claim to know God are Fools and False Prophets. We know and of course God the Father knows. We have no power. However, Jehovah God is the maker of the earth and its people.

Peace and Love,

Carl Patton writing for the FreedomJournal September 21, 2001 in the year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Part 3: The Critique of Christianity: The Need For A New Christian Church

The Enigmatic Hebrews: Who Are The Hebrews?

All people of God know that there is only one Creator. Thus, true people of God do not denounce another religion. People of God seek Peace. War had a particular place in time during the days of the Old Testament. Judaism was the forerunner to Christianity. Although we respect those who sincerely look to God we do not support the mass murder of any group of people in the name of God or religion. The dust and sands of the Middle East have seen much bloodshed. However is God in the midst of "This Land is Mine (Mind)?"

For the record statements of a White man's religion and a White God are statements of ignorance based on a lack of knowledge about the history of the world's religions. On that note we declare that all images of God should be removed. This includes images of the Great Prophets and Jesus Christ. God and religion have no color, race or ethnic distinctions. The civilizations of man throughout the world have embraced different religions. However, all religions of God recognize the one and only Supreme Being the Creator of all that walk, and crawl the planet earth.

Many people are called Jews. However, Jew relates to a religion. Hebrew then is a more adequate term to denote ethnic origins. All Hebrews are not Jews and all Jews are not Hebrews. Meanwhile the Enigma of the Hebrew people is pronounced because they on one hand act in the role of friendship to Black people and on the other hand as racists. Thus, there is a need to bring more clarity to these enigmatic people who often claim they are great friends of Black people. For the record we are noting the Europeans that claim to be Jews and have Hebrew origin.

Thus, there are clear distinctions between race and religion. Therefore, questions of race and religion will be explored. Thus we will pursue how Judaism became confused with race? Also, as we expose questions of economic racism, we will review the impact of the slave trade and the influence the Hebrew people had on this trade.


This series begins with, "Notes On The History of the Black American Church." The FreedomJournal as a God fearing Free Black Press is deeply disturbed by the disgraceful posture of many Black Churches. We are disturbed because we see many Church leaders, Ministers, Deacons and many Congregations turning a deaf ear to the worldly views of a sin sick world.

Meanwhile, these Demons and Devils in the church allow worldly devilish sins into the Houses of God. Thus we are very concerned and troubled because very few Church Leaders, Ministers and so-called Christians speak out and stand up against these ungodly acts.
Those who committed numerous crimes against Humanity in Africa and the Americas also introduced Christianity to Blacks in America and to some degree in West Africa. For the record our discussion relates to the Blacks taken from West Africa to the Americas. We note that East Africans knew Christianity and Judaism at a very early date. These religions as recorded filtered down from the Holy Land into the Horn of Africa and throughout the interior. Christianity also became established in East Africa and parts of North Africa.

Was Africa the land of the first man? Where was the Garden of Eden? Is the Tigris Euphrates Valley in Africa? Is what, is now Israel in Africa? Has history at any time confused Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya and the Horn of Africa with Israel, and the land of Canaan Are these questions important? Are they important in responding to those that relate Christianity and Judaism to Europeans and not the Semitic people? Why is the recording of the Black presence in the establishment of Judaism and Christianity important?

However in the land of West Africa most historians argue Christianity came for the most part by way of the Europeans. Thus, the Europeans first introduced Christianity in the mold of deception, trickery and deceit.


For the record there are Irresponsible Women (for our purposes we note irresponsible women in the church as whores) in all churches but our emphasis is on the Black church. Irresponsible Women in the Black church are particular to the Black experience. These women take on certain attitudes that are different from their White counter-parts. We always ask the question why? Why would irresponsible women come into the Houses of God?

The Freedom Journal of Psyche Publishing is committed to making an on-going analysis of the many problems confronting Black people. Black people are Spiritual people. Thus, many Black people attend church and ascribe to Christianity. But one of the major problems in Christianity is the worldly influence in the Church.

There are whores and concubines in the world. The world has come into the church and so has the ways of the world. From our analysis the Black Preacher has allowed the world into the church. Ungodly Preachers evidently thrive off worldly ways in the church. Thus, Black Preachers in many instances thrive and benefit from the actions of concubines and whores.

But are the Preachers the only people responsible for whoremongering? Everyone is to be held accountable for his or her behavior in this society. Thus, society and their congregations also hold Preachers accountable. But the women who take on the attitude of concubines and whores are equally responsible. Here we also note that there are many male whores in the traditional churches. Some are whores in their pursuit of women with the Preachers leading the charge. Also some are whores in that they choose a Preacher (to be Pimped) like their female counter-parts to give their money. They are in a special zone when they hustle during fund-raising campaigns for Pastor Appreciation Services. On that note a Male Whore is one of the most sickening things we have seen in the Black church. We would be remiss if we did not note that Male Church Whores are weak men. However, they often claim to be strong-willed men. But if you look closely you will see that they have strong wives and are Hen-Pecked (Stabbed). Only a weak man will worship another man and Hustle money for him while he goes without and the Preacher builds up a surplus.

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