Greetings Brethren:

If there are any Godly among us when will they speak out about the sins of the Church? One cannot Reform that which is Rotten to the Core. A New Christian Church is the only answer.

Peace and Love,

Carl Patton writing for the FreedomJournal September 10, 2001 in the year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.



In the name of Jehovah God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

From its inception the FreedomJournal has sought to make an analysis of the Black experience. This has usually included the political, economic, historical, psychological, and sociological circumstances of Black people as they have interacted with other people of the world. Therefore by looking at culture and its various components we have sought to make some sense of the plight of those that have been historically oppressed. However, religion and the belief in God is at the center of all discussions about the human species and all other living things.

As a preface to the following statements we declare that all of humankind have something in common. We were all created by the Creator the Supreme Power that rules the Sky and the Ground. This same Creator also rules that which is between the sky and ground and that which is below the earth or the ground. We also come realizing that there are many people that inhabit the planet earth. This is the only place of life in the universe, and there is no other. However, there is a new city that was foretold by great men inspired by God. In this city all humankind will sincerely sit as brothers. Hence we come to respect all of God's people that believe in one God.

God is Love thus if there is Love of God humankind can help each other. Thus, cultural exploitation, and the willful premeditated, creation and solicitation of Traitors will come to an end. Also, the starving, and killing of other people will cease. There are also many forms of discrimination. But in the Black community the worst aspect of discrimination is Black on Black discrimination. Thus White racism takes a back seat to Black Hatemongers who Hate themselves and their own people. Meanwhile, the bankrupt and Comics in Review Civil Rights Organizations have been sanctioned by their European and Hebrew benefactors to define discrimination and Racism. Thus to their advantage (Blacks, Whites and Hebrews) discrimination and racism is defined in Red-Neck White Supremacist terms. We do not seek to support White Hatemongers but they are not treated with parity when they are described as the originators of racism and hate. This is noted because White racists do not have an exclusive hold on Hate, Racism and Discrimination.

However will this world ever stop the violence? Will violence eventually be limited are cease to exist? Will the call from the grave be the only way to end the misery of humankind? Will Nationalism ever be seen as a rallying cry for Brotherhood for all people are just those with similar culture backgrounds and ethnic homogeneity? Can there ever be true Peace among Humankind? Just who are the Devils that record foul messages and Censor Truth? Are the messengers of oppression driven by a lust for Money? Have many that are oppressed come, too assist in their own demise? Thus are the Uncle Toms, The Collaborators, The Traitors the sole Masters of self-genocide? What will tomorrow bring, but what of today and of course what of days gone by? Just how much does Truth encompass?

Although we have no exclusive hold on Truth, we bear witness that most of the media concerns and those in the intellectual communities do not regard Truth as a priority. Thus they often have other interests as they record the news and as they compile the historical record of humankind. However, we do not come as self-serving hypocrites. Therefore we do not apologize for the great importance of Truth and the logic it brings.

Meanwhile, we see a dismal landscape of loose morals, and a lack of principles and honesty. Poets and writers write about the aborted goals and inspirations of a wicked society. Thus, we see a society that will soon be terminated because of a devious and foul desire for material gain. The denial of the Creator is evident in all that the multitudes do. We are also displeased as we see many that come upon the national and international stage (TV, etc.) claiming to know God. We also see many False Prophets on TV claiming also to bring a message from God. These False Prophets hold money and material gain as a high priority. Jehovah God is displeased and we confirm this displeasure through the Truth of the Word.

With all this confusion the FreedomJournal has come to humble themselves to Jehovah God. Therefore we realize that Jesus Christ is the Savior of humankind not money, prestige, military power, guns and social standing. Thus, as Christian's we take a deeper look at the problems that humankind face. We are also thankful to Jehovah God for His Truth and our understanding and on-going growth in the Truth.

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