Part 1: Looking Back

Part 2: Embarking On the Road To Salvation




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Part 3: Wandering In The Wilderness: Finding My Way


Editors Note: We bear witness that you cannot understand the past (life) of the Saints without an on-going conversion understanding. Thus we continue to render a chronological look at our conversion. Let it be written that the conversion is not final at the verbal acceptance of the Gospel and Christ. It is everlasting until we are called home. Meanwhile when one realizes the essence of the conversion he can look back in time reckon with the present and have visions, and dreams of the reality of the future. Also for those that reject God, Truth, Information and Knowledge there are no stones are any manner of destruction that will defeat the protection God the Creator has built around those Called to a Higher Calling.


Greetings Brethren,


Peace be unto you. To the Church and believing Christians everywhere and those that believe in the Bible as the Supreme authority of Godís Laws. For the record and the sign post many people that confess to be Christians are now during these trying times looking to man, materialism and God knows what as additional authorities on how to get to Heaven. Glory be to God our Father and to His Son our Savior Christ Jesus blessed by the Holy Spirit.


As I continue to look I now can see. You do not know where you have been until you have been born again. Who were the actors of unrighteousness at this first stage of censorship and the attack on those moved with the independence to think?


The academic papers had ceased to shuffle at Fisk University as they consented to award me the MA degree in Black History/Curriculum Designing that I had earned. This was 1973 however the job market at the various schools that had been the training ground for a specific program directed at Black youth and Black Studies was closed to a Black-Listed Truth-Seeker. Just who closed the doors? How can you train students to teach in a certain area and then deny them the opportunity to teach? Did they look for other qualifications other than skill and knowledge of the subject matter? Was this the clear evidence of mis-education and the utter sham of Black Studies at its earliest existence?


Blessings Are Forever, Luck Never Existed


I saw several frustrations then and

I will continue to see them but now

I have prayer, then I had the hand of

God upon me but I knew not it

protected me.


Waiting tables had served me as a

full and part time job throughout

my academic experiences at Shorter

Jr. College and at Tennessee State

University and at Fisk. But I was,


Reluctant to go back to the dining

room although I would re-visit this

job later, so I looked elsewhere after

all I now had a Masterís degree and

some skills.


Jobs and legitimate opportunities were few

for a Black man but those on some sort of

Black-List was under lock. The Black-List

hid in the background only showing its ugly

head when telephone calls were made.


I landed in Buffalo, New York with my

older brother. Here hoping to move my

family and make a new start. However at the

Urban League I was a good guy on day

one but when I came back I was a criminal.


I often think, what do they say? What do

they tell these people? I soon left this place

as I had another beloved brother in New

York City and I came to this asphalt jungle. The

Black-List still followed me as it was everywhere.


Meanwhile the Black-List got Blacker as it

traveled and moved with me. There was

some sort of negative checking system ingrained

in all the professional jobs I applied for but I

never received a reason why. Who were/are the sponsors?


All initial interviews were positive and great

but the second time around after checking

references the axe fell. However I never fell and kept

looking up as God had/has a hand on me and my

confidence never faded it just waved a moment.


Life moved sometimes swiftly as the flesh never waited.

William my son was born so I came back south and waited.

Waiting tables again. The bi-centennial year was upon us and

I sold and prepared table-side a lot of gourmet food in Printerís

Alley as the legendary Country Carl.


Meanwhile there was no Black-List at certain jobs. Why?

I guess some called menial as non threatening. But if I applied

to an institution the Black-List somehow was unveiled.

One day as the God broke the day (Lightnin Hopkins) a call came

from a family friend and colleague while a student at Fisk.


There was a need for a dedicated person like Po Carl to

help the less fortunate as this was is perceived as his life-long

mission. The direction had been lost and was needed toward

a inner city counseling program in several Public Housing units

back in Chattanooga my infamous hometown.


My alleged colleague and friend was now working for the first

Black city Commissioner, of Health and Education. I took the job

and moved back to Chattanooga as I was going nowhere just

waiting tables with a Masterís degree. As I wandered I began to find my

way as this experience exposed me to the clear evidence of corruption.


Corruption, political and criminal knew no greater home than in the

Uncle Tom Nigger Straw Boss system that exploited the Black community

and placed many Blacks virtually back on the plantation. Resistance to this

system caused me to be ran and run out of town as this was a tactic of the

Straw Boss gang.


Meanwhile you were deprived of employment. The Black-List got Blacker

again and in some cases your life was lost and of course threatened. What of

this dilemma? My will to study on the doctoral level had been trampled on

as I left the still infamous Fisk University. The denial of a free and fair

education was unduly denied due to the Black-List.


But time solves some problems that are many and I am moving more toward

my intended destiny and finding my way although many times I felt lost.

I still hungered for more information about the Black Experience that became even

more elusive with each episode of the Black-List. Of special concern was Black

electoral involvement and Black leadership.


The experience with the Straw Bosses in Chattanooga and my refusal to join

a Judas Branch and seek the ungodly bonds with these charlatans only instilled in

me a more burning Desire to search out some answers. There was an evident

lack of Black leadership. I saw this as I looked to the moon and stars on all levels,

preachers, elected and appointed officials all reeked in shame.


It was frightening and often I felt ashamed of my own people that were supposed

to help the brethren that knew not how to petition for his or her rights. Thus I would

look at these questions and make my move at a Black School that saw Black Politics

and Political Science. But shame and degradation was their game as they also came

to Black-List and look for their own academic freedoms while puking on mine.


Cont. Part 4: Second Challenge To Academic Freedoms Atlanta University


Peace and Golden Paradise, Carl A. Patton a willing slave and servant of Almighty God writing for the FreedomJournal 27 January 2009 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.


All rights reserved by FreedomJournal Press 2009.