(24 February 2008 by Carl A. Patton)



The Black Experience was way-laid

in dissension and those that

suffered from an abnormal past

that sent them into a manner

of insanity.


Was there hope alive in racism?


Will there be a change in the

mind and hearts of those confused

about all people and human rights?


Treason has no conscience.


The brother came to kill his

brother. He burned down his

own house and set fire

to the innocent, the old

and the helpless.


Who would save the Black man from himself?


John stood by, clutching and

holding on to his Bible.

He prayed with eyes wide open.


In his closet he talked with

God. There the crooked and

illogical road became straight.


What was normal to those confused

was way off to the left and the

goats ate their own dung.


The guilty were no longer guilty

as they yearned for change

and righteousness smiled at

this humble desire.


Hate consumed those once hated.


They now hated self as the

wicked now decided to be wise.

There was no profit in ignorance

although some flirted with stupidity.




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