THE CONSCIENCE (11-16-07 by Carl A. Patton)



The conscience looked at the

conscious as he knew right from

wrong. However the conscious although

aware of the wretched that came

upon the earth said nothing.


These are the days as conscience

takes hold of the already wicked

and contradicts its calling.

Thus do all men have a conscience?


Are all men then conscious of all

things that they see, feel and hear?

It is written that the blind although with

eyes to see, see what they want to see.


Meanwhile the conscience lost its

definitive quality as it lied to self

and fools all around. So who would be

the conscience of those that lost consciousness?


The wise man John conscious

of his moral conscience and the

conformity to Christ saw a

doleful and dingy lost man lying

unconscious in the bushes.


The Spirit then guided his conscience

as he foretold as he was told of the

coming tide.


The good conscience then rode the

tender waves of peace as how soothing

was the flowing water, conscious I also

saw the breath of spring.


This conscience never sleeps as

man pulls at man who only sees

in forked sin stained colored glasses,

to see his conscience no more.




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