Greetings Brethren:

We stand in Awe of No Man, Woman Institution, Place or Thing in this world. Thus we stand only in Awe of God. Therefore, the FreedomJournal will only Bow to Almighty God, the Creator of all that walk and crawl the planet earth. Also we are not politicians nor are we running for any political office. We also declare that we are not in a popularity contest with man. We only come to please God. If man is also pleased we are thankful and grateful, but we will never, never, forsake God to please man.

Therefore it is written that man in his wickedness will find disfavor. However the Truth will stand. Truth will be there waiting on all that forsake Truth and God's people at the Final Day.


Carl Patton, writing for the FreedomJournal October 30, 2000.


How does one come to understand the confrontation of Truth and Knowledge? These Web Pages will note various messages toward an understanding of this question. Meanwhile, the following questions may shed some light on the Confrontation of Truth and Knowledge:

Should all Blacks in America that are citizens have constitutional rights?

Why do organizations that were established to support constitutional rights also support racism and discrimination?

Why has a so-called elite class of Blacks joined with those who have historically exploited and oppressed Black people?

Why have historically Black colleges and Universities (administration and staff) formed an alliance with racism and its various institutions?

Why have many Black Preachers turned against God and the Bible and joined the ranks of Satan?

Does the White liberal community sincerely feel that all Black people should have constitutional rights?

What is the Christian right?

Is the Christian right a group of conservatives that believe that God's grace and mercy are reserved only for certain people?

Why do many so-called Afro-Centric scholars, have a bias toward questions regarding the role of Back women in the struggle for Human Rights in the Black community?

It is for sure that the generators of Racism have used both Black Men and Black Women to dismantle Unity in the Black community. Thus the question of Black women being used in the Feminist Movement is not so much sex/gender as it is a situation of Treason. This also holds true for the Black men who have been used to destroy, and derail Black Unity as politicians, Civil Rights leaders etc.

So why is there so much confusion and resistance to Truth? The critique of Black Women and Black Men is not a statement of Condemnation. It is more accurately a statement of constructive evaluation. However if one does not think that the White Feminist Movement has caused a negative impact on the Black community and Black women, then there is the Rat.

From our analysis there is Moral decay in the Black community and throughout the world. Thus, there is support for decadence and degeneracy. Thus, the Forces of evil and the Power base for those with Alternative lifestyles is a part of a sin-sick world. The FreedomJournal will never bow to the Evils and Wickedness of the world. We do not come to conform but to Expose those that Hate and deny the existence of God.

Let it be written that the life and times of Black people are measured by their will to know God. There is NO other solution to the problems we face. Meanwhile we know that many people deny the existence and Truth of God. However, there is a Last and Final Day. (AGAIN FOR THE RECORD: THERE ARE NO TRUE ATHEISTS. BUT THERE ARE THOSE THAT OFTEN HAVE THE BREATH TO ASK FOR GOD'S MERCY IN THE FINAL SECONDS OF THEIR LIFE ON EARTH). Thus, the desires of Satan and Evil will keep Black people in Chains. These desires constantly call a Spade a Diamond and Diamond a Spade.

We live and die by the words of the incomparable Voltaire when he said "I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." Therefore regardless of the varied opposition to our God given and constitutional right to Freedom of Speech we will continue to report and write what we feel is the Truth.

History has recorded that those that have spoken out in the interest of the people have become victims of repression and attempted Censorship. History has also recorded that the courage to speak out against corruption, discrimination and oppression has no greater ally than those that seek the destruction of Free Speech.





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