I.      Tarnished Letters                      


Backing into the schoolhouse.


Many letters were written

that went unanswered as

the Truth was knocked down and

trampled on.


Education as it became missed

became a great tool. However

this tool was one of oppression

and control hollered in glee.


Ignorance became brainwashed.


Economic exploitation resulted in

many contradictions of education as

missed education was carried by delegated fools.


Seldom self-imposed Black agents

stood at the schoolhouse door.

Thus some came organized and sent

to serve the master’s mis-direction.


The independent thinker stood up and looked down.



Meanwhile independence in academia

became a great challenge. Missed

education was also challenged,


As intellectual robbers stole your

credentials and some minds were lost.

No test no exam was a good exam.

The administrators had no mercy.


Black Studies were not on trial?


Hate groups and love groups converged

as the Negroes apologized and stood

in the way.





You could clearly see Black and

African all over the people in America

whose ancestors came from “The

Land of the Blacks.”


Slavery eventually grew many

cotton seeds and Blacks embraced

inferiority. But once there were also

White slaves.


Did White slaves end and Black slaves begin?


Callous also was the African slave master.

Did money come before color?

What is bad with Black?


Meanwhile economics came before

ignorance. And hate because of color,

race and the shape of one’s nose was

a rationale for greed.


West and East body snatchers came to invent racism.


Money then sent the Black boats.

However justification was seen

in planned and calculated racial supremacy.


Economics came before and invented and created racism.


Did the Black are African American

experience redefine racism and

economics? Class clashed with race.


The classes struggled all over Africa.


Many voices talked. The race for

gold and money from cotton, rum and things

along the three-way voyage greatly

impacted on culture.


A culture rooted in economic

manipulation festered and bred

many other problems, like who are

these people?


Slavery thus transcends the African

to be Black are African –American.

But Black American culture takes on the

most and Africa follows.




A guilt conscience often preceded

philanthropy but here the dream

was rebellion and revolt.


The traitors only retreated to hide.

The Black woman fell victim.

She crossed the Black male.


Hoochie Mama’s danced day and night.


Freedom still brings out the worse.

Going head up on the Black male

simmering in self-hate.




They began to talk about

culture as a way to unify

a group of people soon after

the bondage chains were broke.


But understanding culture was

essential toward understanding

anything national.


However these great thinkers were

arrogant and confused. Transition

was lost as change to contradiction

challenged unity.


There was no utopia except in Jesus.





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