Concluding Thoughts





Swept away and filled to heaven with messages

for the good of mankind, comes verses of praise

as we laud, glorify and magnify the Master of the

universe  the Ruler of the earth.


Eternal God, God of our Fathers, our Heavenly

Father. We do give praise and honor to your

holy name.


Our days have been well spent, but at times

weary. Our faith is strong and everlasting, as

is the love of our savior Jesus Christ.


Thank you for your mercy, Thank you for

your kindness, for we are a people that often

have found solace and peace in mis-direction.


Have mercy, O Lord that we find the

straight way, the path that will render

us truth, wisdom and knowledge of

our ancestors and our place among the



In our hearts, as hot as the blazing sun that

shineth above, as the birds fly away, as the

riders ride, we saw peace in your mercy

and in the knowledge of you O Lord.


When we were locked out, hungry,

thirsty and tired, we prayed and asked

you, O Lord to forgive those that deceived

and mistreated us.


We have tried to be faithful, although

at times mis-informed, by those that work

for the enemies of Christ, but our faith is strong.





O Lord we have carried a burden like your son,

our savior Jesus Christ, down through time, we

have known the persecution of men, hence our

brethren have hung from trees of life.


To walk through rows of white soft sin,

dragging bags of blood sweat and tears,

but we looked to the sky and we saw the

North Star.


O Lord we the Black manchild still hear the cries

of our mothers, sisters and daughters heard through

the night, as lust filled the soul of those that bound us


We still prayed on, knowing that surely

God does exist, a just and merciful



O Lord our master, our King on high

we will never forsake you because we are a strong

people on a journey, a mission of faith.


Down through the ages, from the beginning of time, our

brethren accepted the Messiah and some did not,

O Lord what confusion lies ahead?


We know that all people are special

unto you Almighty God that believe,

we come as always with humble hearts

giving praise and honor to you our Lord.


Through prayer and your written word

we will keep the lines of  communication

open, for we want to be in touch with our



O Lord our God , Great Jehovah we call

your holy name, How long will this

wicked world last?


Man has lost sight of the law of

God, he is confused with the status

of man's law, he wanders like a lost sheep.

O Lord the wickness of man causes

him to seek a heaven on earth and

the worship of the idol, that are of

those days and times, of material wealth.


O Lord keep us strong to know that

the salvation of man, and his soul

is through the son and the Father

thus, the only way to eternal life.


O Lord we know that this is only the

first short leg of life's journey, we

know that everlasting life lies ahead.


No burden will be to great, O Lord,

we will make it to journey's end, no

matter how many doors that are shut


No power, no power, no power, on earth is great

enough to consume the Supreme power

of God, we are steadfast with the Master

our God the Father.


The leg irons of life, the shackles of the

times, the clinging of iron and steel has

impacted strength not weakness, in

the way of the Lord


Hence our Brother went away to be

with Jesus, O Lord his life was not a

perfect life but a good life


Master you know he was a man of

God, he believed in your holy word

and your divine power


He was raised upon the teachings of

your word, he knew and accepted Christ as his

savior, O Lord do have mercy


May  your mercy flow like the great

rivers of the world, to fill every cup,

runneth over


May your mercy extend like the great

sunshine, the darkness of night, that

you O Lord created.


Our hearts are not troubled, for we

know that there is always a

brighter day, we are patient

for the coming of  that day


Because we know it is your decision

when we must come, O Lord we pledge

to come to you and not damnation.


Thank you for the revelation my Lord,

thank you for your daily and timely



We do pray with all  sincerity and

with humble pride, in bowing down to

the Master of life the Lord God the

Creator of all things. Amen






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