Without ceasing we offer praise.

As the body still breathes,

we are grateful and give thanks.


Here we have seen love.

Love conquers all that live.

My first love is among the mountaintops.


Hail to the King of peace.

Where is this King?

Peace found in love and love in peace.


This man also had compassion.

Was compassion absent of peace?

What about love.


Nature he cherished as

it brought beautiful

dreams, streams, rivers and floods.


Nature also saw, felt and

tasted the wind.

The wind controlled it all.


Meanwhile the spiritual

realm brought it all center court.

Thus love, peace, and compassion he could understand


We also saw the philosophers there.

Thinking and mediating.

Searching and still thinking.


How can one see if

they donít think.

How can one breathe and not see God?




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