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It is for certain as we grow in Truth there is much to be seen. Is there really a Christian sect or religion? What were the two seeds of Abraham? Again for your thought and mediation just how much did Constantine invent and create regarding the Church noted by the Apostles?

Is all of the commercialization regarding Jesus Christ and Christmas all an invention of man and not God? How do the images and pictures of the Messiah impact on the European intrusion to the Truth of God and the Messiah? Can Christian are Christianity be justified by scriptural references? What about the Biblical references for the Holy Trinity?

Where does the New Testament actually begin? Let it be written that we believe as of this day and time that there is much to be known of the Dead Sea Scrolls. However Almighty God has not left anything out of the Bible that is needed for our salvation. We also declare that the King James Version of the Bible is the best translation from the original text.


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