Greetings Brethren,


Peace be unto you. Many come during these times and in the times of Old twisting, distorting and confusing the Word as revealed by the inspired writers. Also as the days wind up and down many come filled to the brim with Satan in a willful, lustful attempt to side-track even those with sincere hearts.


We see Brethren as we keep God first and stay in prayer. The Spirit will go with us if we do this.


Peace and Paradise, Carl Patton a willing servant of Almighty God writing for the FreedomJournal 22 February 2006 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.


In the name of God, Master of the universe Ruler of the earth.


Brethren as we continue our mission of faith and Truth we continue to see various false teachings and utter confusion among the Brethren. The Bible is not complicated although many people have been led to believe otherwise. For example we are saturated with a multitude of Biblical interpretations, translations and versions of the Bible. These various versions of the Bible are not derived from the original text. Many so-called preachers and teachers come claiming that the Bible is not the sole authority for Godís Word. Many of these same people come disputing Paul as an inspired writer for Christ Jesus as willed by God the Father.


Therefore we see a move from God to man. This is ungodly, as man has no power and is only temporal. So how do we guard against such blasphemy? Do you have the desire and will to study the Bible for Godís Truth? Are you willing to sacrifice for God? Do you believe that Truth will save you and the Brethren? Without Truth what will happen to us?


As we seek to remove the myths, customs, traditions and utter criminal distortions of the Bible we proclaim the following. Many questions and concerns cannot be adequately†† studied without certain background information. For example the questions surrounding the Passover are tied to the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ Jesus. Also as we study all aspects of the Passover we will see questions related to the last supper and communion answered.


The FreedomJournal has looked at the Passover and we have recorded what scripture says about the aforementioned concerns as they relate to the Passover question.


Meanwhile we will pursue another prominent question for your thought and mediation. Therefore the following series will reveal what the Bible says about the Great Commission. Ingrained in this question we will then be able to reveal what scripture tells us concerning the miraculous Spiritual Gifts especially speaking in Tongues.








Part 2: What Is the Great Commission?


Part 3: Teaching, Preaching Baptizing


Part 4: Remission & Repentance of Sin


Part 5: Repent, Baptized Gift of the Holy Ghost (Spirit)


Part 6: The Holy Spirit Brings Things To Their Remembrance



Part 7: The Holy Spirit Promised To The Apostles


Part 8: The Spirit of Truth


Part 9: The Apostles See Jesus Through The Spirit


Part 10: Additional Definitive Qualities of The Holy Spirit


Part 11: The New Testament & The Spirit


Part 45: Will You Lift Up God Or Self?



Part 46: Speak To Benefit The Church


Part 47: There Are Many Languages In The World


Part 48: Praying In The Spirit


Part 49: What Is Singing& Praying In The Spirit?


Part 50: Amen & Pray In The Spirit


Part 51: The Flesh Does Not Edify The Church



Part 52: Malice Tongues, Believers & Unbelievers


Part 53: Believers and Unbelievers


Part 54: Secrets of His Heart


Part 55: In Worship God Is First


Part 56: Order of Worship: Purpose of Spiritual Gifts


Part 57: Order of Worship: Evangelists Pastors, Teachers



Part 58: Order of Worship: Music, Songs, Hymns, Psalms


Part 59: Speaking To God &Not Man


Part 60: Order vs. Confusion In the Church


Part 61: Restoring Order At Corinth


Part 62: Prophecy The Knowledge of Christ


Part 63: Paul Was Inspired by God


Part 64: Let None Be Ignorant





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