February 21, 2007, LaVergne, TN, by Carl A. Patton


They still come. Oh! How dismal still are the days.


They still come as blood suckers, devouring and

eating up the flesh as invaders of the demented

souls of the lost. Lost because the crossroad

was looked upon as a road and not a journey.


Many still stand at the “Landing Crying.”


I saw them with a cruel and wicked desire.

Glorifying things and not love.

Here there was a great hunger and craving

for material things and money.


Lost was the heart as it spent nothing at the market.


They told John that they cared not who came.

Meanwhile a crooked affection thrived on

believing that the Spirit survives even in the

disharmony of God and man.


Just how can the Spirit be righteous in those that don’t know God?


Who has the power?

What does man know?

Who comes to the altar?

What, where is the Law?


Never can you see God if you forsake Christ?


A chosen called number come realizing that

the prophecy of the Prophets

the Great Apostles, John and

the Messiah is the only way.


Pathetic and mournful are the treacherous traitors that still look for trees.


Woe to the killers, the thieves,

the Judas branch. Petty pirates

rode the Black Death horse

trailed by a multitude of goats.


Here the wicked relish in

acts of persecution, murder

and torture know as the



These are still the days of the lost.

They still ride the death horse.

They are still filled with the evil

Spirit of torture, economic lynching

and Censorship of those that stand for



Do they know what they do?

Do they ever cry out for Jesus?

Satan fled and hid.


Sad were those days and even

sadder are the days now.


The righteous claim the world and all it’s riches as they can see.


There was once a man who the world

thought stood alone.  Those who

wished to tear him down

saw no one in the flesh helping him.


A great oak tree stood in the midst so did the many rocks among the mountain top.


However John saw the great

multitude of angels bearing

witness that Christ was

still on His throne.


John also saw Christ take his

hand as His hand was always

upon his shoulder.




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