(3-4-08 by Carl A. Patton)



The writers the thinkers had nothing

to write about except what had

happened throughout the land.

When the land spoke devoid of man

there was peace.


However man broke this peace with

his frivolous little talk and his vile

and conceived actions toward other



This day this writer who was sent

to think and write, thought of

the countless lies told by some

men who embraced evil and

lay prostrate with the Devil.


Looking out over the mountain

valley being blessed by God

one more time to see Heaven

he thought of these pernicious



Dreadful are these times that we

bear witness to. A multitude of

people lay claim to vice, iniquity

and the viciousness of a lost world

gone mad with things that lack any

semblance of principles and morality.


Just who are the people that

speak so much for Godís adversaries?

I could see now the church the

steeple and the cross.


They stood in the doorways the

pulpits and throughout the church

house casting doubt among the

Saints as they defaced the Book.


However the Prophets said not what

they said. Nor did Malachi render

a speech to the saints first only to

the Priest who robbed God and the

people. Never did he speak of money

as the Old Laws were for the Jews,

grain, crops and livestock.


John came to baptize and Jesus

healed the sick and raised

the dead. He did as God

divinely ordered and He

got up from the grave.


He died for our sins that we may

have the tree of life. I feel

now the Holy Spirit that Christ

sent back to comfort us when He

went back to be with the Father.


The New Testament speaks volumes

of the Apostles and Paul who

further established the church

that came from Christ the

Son through the Father.


Ungodliness crept upon the land

as the Ages soon became Dark

although there was Light no one

could see. The Bible was stolen.

But who can destroy the Word?


Soon Martin Luther tried what

became the impossible as

reform failed and many false

Denominations came to exist.


They were established on many

falsehoods as they took what they

wanted from the Bible and cast what

they did not want to the dogs,


Thus closing the church door on Jesus

and those that follow Him. However the

people are rotten but the church is pure

and Godly. Impious imposters come into

the church to defame and disgrace

the Word.


There was also a time as we just

mentioned that the state the ruling

regime conspired against the church

and fell in the murderous trap to

crucify Christ.


This same power of state then

saw the need to unify all their

subjects by using the zeal of Christ

that flowed from His followers.

This love of the believers the

will to die became a rallying cry for

the state.


They bastardized Christianity and

embraced what felt good

and laid claim to their historic

Pagan ways that still to this day defame

Christendom as did the people of the Plains.


As time moved and we approach contemporary

times more humane laws, constitutions and

principles came to govern the land and the



State democracy usually is not opposed

to scriptural democracy. Racism began

to bow to the laws of the land. Man

groomed his heart and tried to leave

his greed at home.


Thus the state apparatus in the land

of the free and the few brave is

a good thing and so is the Church.

But once again man has come into a

good house and placed the people in jeopardy,

denying life that God Has guaranteed.




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