(4 March 2009 Victory Park by Carl A. Patton)


May the Peace of God be forever with you. Nothing is really seen in all four corners or as the circle rolls without God. So many come blind but believe they see. There is no real reason to anything without a look to the Divine. The wise man shed tears of joy as he embraced the Wisdom of Solomon as Solomon was inspired. This inspiration set the course for what is simple but clear logic as God is not a complex God.


I knew not how to draw any comparison are

parallels until I started on my conversion sojourn.

I also could not see clearly the distortions in

education until I could see Christ.


Along the secular path I did see some things

as Black Studies contradicted many things

Black and the independent thinker. However

the distorted historical record was over-shadowed,


By the mis-deeds regarding the history of the

Church. Meanwhile the thieves in the classrooms

in the school houses would not go unpunished.

However the thieves in the Church Houses came,


Under a greater law and Higher power. Mis-education

lurked and loomed all through society. People

were lying with ease as this was not natural but

a twisted logic said so.


Grand and petty larceny was the order of the

day. All the youth and much of the old the elderly

and everyone in between were programmed to

accept tradition and falsehoods were looked upon,


As good as Satan turned lies into dreams that

really never came true. But I saw a sweet pleasure

of relief from this foreign madness as I watched

the trees move with the Wind.