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In the name of Jehovah God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

The FreedomJournal and Independent Black writers continue to be attacked by those that have historically profited from the economic and cultural exploitation of Black people throughout the world. The historical record shows that in all instances of warfare there have been collaborators, spies and perfidious treasonable sources. The Black Holocaust however offers a unique proving ground in a vast cadre of faithless disloyal people of all descriptions. Sadly many come from the ranks of the oppressed the ironic wretched of the earth.

Meanwhile the recent attempts and threats made on the FreedomJournal have once again motivated us to make a more vivid analysis of Censorship and those that seek to Censor Truth.  This was 2001.

 PRESENT PLIGHT: For the record we have recently experienced another blatant attack on our right to free speech as we reported on the positive nature of proper Health Care for all  that liveth. In this we have made expressed positive comments regarding President Obama and World Peace and his  extraordinary diplomacy at home and abroad. However due to our comments we have recently as of 10 October 2009 experienced a very serious breach to our right to Free Access to the Internet. Thus we repost these articles on Censorship  of 2001. As we experiences any opposition to our God given right to equal access to Cyberspace we will document our findings on these pages.

In an upcoming series of articles we will further define the major Censors of Truth. Why do the following groups attempt to Censor Truth and the FreedomJournal? The following groups are in the Vanguard of the Censorship of the FreedomJournal and all that speak and write Truth.

Preachers head this list of Censors. Most Preachers practice an on-going confidence game of deceit and theft. These crimes of theft by deception are largely carried out by telling lies on God and the Bible. Thus the bulk of the money taken illegally from the Blind, Stupid and often Deaf is done by lies and tricks. These lies and tricks are noted when Preachers teach, and brainwash their congregations to believe that God commanded a Tithe of 10% of your income. But let the record show that all Preachers are not ungodly some speak for God however they are very few as most Preachers want to impress man and not God and Christ.

We will also bring up for review in our efforts to further define Censorship the Civil Rights Organizations and their so-called leadership. The traditional Civil Rights Organizations were not established by Black people. Thus historically they have had an agenda that conflicts with the legitimate interests of the Black community. Therefore, so-called smart and intellectually astute Blacks in the leadership ranks should know better. However we clearly note that many are only Token Blacks and have sold their souls for a pay check and attempt to sell the souls of the entire Black community. But let the record show that there are some legitimate Civil Rights Activist.

The Marxists the Socialists and Communists are also in the game of Censorship of Truth. Strange bed-fellows with the Civil Rights Boys but as we go on, you will see other alliances among the various Censors. The Marxists are upset that we have noted that historically they along with  many White and Hebrew Liberals have sought to exploit and use Black people for their particular interests and have had very little or no interests in Human Rights for Black people.

The so-called Cultural Nationalists have made some of the most pronounced attacks along with the Marxists and so-called revolutionary imposters. However when we note that Culture is not the cure-all for Black Liberation these Dog-Matic short-sighted people get very upset. We also note that the contemporary Cultural Nationalists that embrace African Traditional Religions do not believe in Monotheism. Thus they refute the ancient Egyptians that passed this knowledge to the Hebrew people who fled Egypt during the historical Exodus.

The Uncle’s and sycophanats are a sad lot but they are worthy to bring up for review and placed on trial. As the leading Judas Branch in the Black community they are upset that we have pulled the cover off their lies of deceit and trickery. They are also upset that all Blacks do not share the genes of House Negroes and Snitchers. For the record many of the present day sycophants have descended from legendary Slave Time Uncle Toms.

The Big Three is noted in the Hatemongers, Racists and Atheists. These are the premier Hatemongers in the long list of Censors. All Racists are Hatemongers and all Atheists are Hatemongers. These people are a living lie. Thus, due to their wicked nature they resist Independent Thinking and attempt to destroy Truth.

We would be remiss if we left out the people that cry louder than the Preachers when they are brought up for review. These are the people that are descended from the Hebrew people that were scattered throughout Europe. Here we note that there is a clear distinction between Hebrew and Jews. Jews are the people that embrace Judaism. However, all Hebrew people are not Jews. Nor are all Arab's Muslims. But as the Lords of Media many Hebrew people are not open to criticism and being held accountable for past and present crimes of economic exploitation against Black people.

As the Spirit moves us, we will conclude this series with several articles that will reveal why we (FreedomJournal) don't Censor. We will also note the positive nature of Censorship. We can never answer all of the questions but we are grateful for our enemies who are our greatest inspiration and one of our leading sources for Truth.

Part 1: Censorship Further Defined

Part 2: The Preachers Why They Censor?

Part 3: Civil Rights Leaders & Organizations Why They Censor?


Part 4: The Marxists Why They Censor?

Part 5: The Cultural Nationalists Why They Censor?

Part 6: Uncle’s & Sycophants Why They Censor?


Part 7: The Hatemongers, Racists, Atheists

Part 8: Why Do Hebrews (Jews) Censor

Part 9: Chattanooga Censors


Part 10: Chattanooga Censors Part 2

Part 11: Why We Don't Censor

Part 12: FreedomJournal Why We Don't Censor




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