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The ways of sin and shame are duly noted and recorded. We make for a temporary record. However, the Will of the Creator records mis-deeds for everlasting.

Peace and Love,

Carl Patton writing for the FreedomJournal August 24, 2001 in the year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.



In the name of Jehovah God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

Chattanooga, Tennessee the birth place of this writer is the original home of the Censorship of the FreedomJournal. Although our academic experiences noted the first attack on our First Amendment Rights (Fisk University and Clark-Atlanta University) Chattanooga holds the infamous title as the place where we were first Censored as a journalist. The record shows that the journalistic career of this writer actually began in Chattanooga.

However, this writer had earlier been an active person in the Human Service arena in Chattanooga. Also, I became involved in local politics as a Precinct Chairperson. As a Human Service Specialist I began to see firsthand that the power structure and their selected Straw Bosses had an agenda that was in opposition to the Public good. Thus poor people were exploited and used. Their votes were sold like cows and horses. Meanwhile the political arena duped them and set them up for economic exploitation.

As an Independent thinker I soon lost favor with this group of conspirators and was removed from my place of employment. I returned to the academic world and began a serious and tedious study of the political apparatus to further understand this system of control. Meanwhile I soon found out that the educational arena was also controlled by those with political and economic power. Thus my research (Doctoral Dissertation) regarding the evident Black Conspiracy with Racism was denied and I was harassed and intimidated and ran out of Atlanta University (now Clark-Atlanta University). However regardless of the conspiracy to deny me a doctoral degree I earned the degree.

By Divine intervention I made a miraculous return to Chattanooga. Thus, by some rather strange circumstances I began writing for a small Black Weekly around 1989 (Chattanooga News Weekly). This paper had an independent posture and was intent on revealing the Truth regarding the political circumstances of the Black community and the community at-large. Here I was able to use the previous research I had done on the historical development of Black political empowerment in Chattanooga.

Our relentless critique of Chattanooga politics etc. proved to be very informative but those that had gained from denying other people basic rights were very upset. Thus the News Weekly and this writer was Censored and Banned. We were also threatened on a daily basis. Our Advertisers were threatened and numerous threats were carried out. Thus, there was an atmosphere of fear surrounding our involvement with various people. Therefore, many so-called friends and family members rejected us and refused to associate with us. Many of them did this because of ignorance but many did so because of fear.

The record shows that during the existence of the Chattanooga News Weekly there was a calculated attempt to deny the writers of the News Weekly the right to Free Speech and the First Amendment. Thus from the latter 1980's to 1994 the Chattanooga News Weekly produced numerous articles that reveal an accurate account of Chattanooga's Black population and their quest for Equal Rights. The opposition to the Truth of the Black Experience also caused the writers of the News Weekly to tell the story of Censorship and the attempts to deny our right to Free Speech. We also identified one of our greatest enemies. Lorenzo (Hi-Jack) Ervin was a writer with the News Weekly when I came aboard. Ervin has an expressed vendetta against the Chattanooga Police Department and Police Departments anywhere in the world. As an avowed so-called Revolutionary (convicted of Air Piracy via Cuba) he was on a mission of seek and destroy. However when Ralph H. (Big Ralph) Cothran became the first Black Police Chief there was a measure of stability within the Department. Also Chief Cothran as a Black man was earnestly working to relieve Black and White citizens of Police abuse.

Meanwhile Ervin was asked to leave as a writer for the News Weekly because he did not want to cooperate with the Police Department as a journalist to help in the elimination Police Brutality. His hatred was so intense that he wanted to fight the Department regardless of any attempts they were making to stop Police Brutality and the abuse of especially Black citizens.

To dramatize his case and advance the agenda of his associates Ervin and his benefactor Dr. Thomas (Abortion) Brooks the leading Abortionists in the history of Chattanooga saw a golden opportunity in the Wadie Suttles case. Suttles had died in Police custody. There was much confusion and debate regarding the case. However it became obvious from our observation and investigation that Ervin and Brooks were more interested in gaining publicity to advance their cause than Justice. Therefore Ervin, Dr. Thomas Jefferson Brooks, and the family became very upset with this writer and the News Weekly when we noted that they were opportunists and using this case to advance their personal agendas. As an aside Brooks who is supposedly Black claims a family relation with the historical Jefferson who is recorded as a child rapist. Brooks also has a questionable character thus killing Black babies and using Abortion as a means of birth control is not the only mis-deed of a man who has shades of that German Doctor (during Hitler’s reign of terror) who experimented on human beings.

In the spring of 1997 a book was published by this writer. The book was the biography of Chief Ralph H. (Big Ralph) Cothran. We also included several articles written about Ervin, Brooks and the family of Wadie Suttles. We also set the record straight on who is Lorenzo Ervin? Our exercise in journalistic integrity and Free Speech was seen by Ervin, the Suttles family and his supporters as slanderous and libelous. Thus they sent us threatening documents that were from their estimation the rationale for a pending law suit. Of course they had no legal grounds to sue us. Therefore, they never filed the suit. But this is one of the reasons why we note Lorenzo (Hi- Jack) Ervin and Dr. Thomas (Abortion) Brooks as some of our most violent and demented Censors.

We also speculate on the Legal Team at Western Michigan University and the other so-called Revolutionaries that support Ervin. Do these people know of Ervin's background? Also why would Ervin and his supporters Censor the FreedomJournal and openly solicit other people to Censor us and deny us Free Speech? Since we don't seek Censorship of anybody including our enemies what does this tell us about Ervin and his Censors? Are these people really who they say they are? It is one thing to disagree. However, to organize a campaign of Censorship of Black independent writers is the way of Tyrants and Dictators. This is not the way of Democracy. So what type of political system is Ervin and his supporters suggesting? Do these people who also are Atheists want a Dictatorship in America? Not long ago we received numerous email messages from Ervin and his supporters denouncing this writer and the FreedomJournal. We were called many names but the primary tool Ervin has used is that we are so sort of Agent for the Government and the Chattanooga Police Department. This is of course absurd. The record shows that our list of Censors also includes the Chattanooga Police Department and almost every Agency or Organization in Chattanooga.

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