Greetings Brethren:

All of humankind were Created by the one and only God. Thus no man or woman has any special privileges that are ordained by Almighty God. Self confidence is positive and good but feelings of grandeur greatness, and superiority due to one's lineage is not in the Spirit of God. However, many do not believe in the Supreme Power of God.

So what are we to do with ignorance and disbelief?

Peace and Love,

Carl Patton writing for the FreedomJournal August 20, 2001 in the year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.



In the name of Jehovah God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

The Hebrews are the people that are descended from the Biblical people often called the Israelites. These people were chosen by God to render the Truth of God to other people often called Gentiles. Through these people also a religion was established. This religion is Judaism. However, all Hebrew people have not embraced Judaism. Thus, we have historically had confusion with race and religion among these people.

The confusion regarding race and religion is further hampered by the scattering of the Hebrew people throughout the world. Therefore, various races or ethnic groups have claimed Hebrew ancestry. Most prominent have been people of African descent who many claim to be the original Hebrew.

Meanwhile various Europeans who claim Hebrew ancestry have been in the vanguard movement to settle in the Middle East and establish the state of Israel. Thus, many of the political actions of the Hebrew people are based on the Biblical covenant with God. However the Hebrew people are not unique in that all people of this extraction are not God-fearing. Thus, many Hebrew people have historically rejected God, Judaism and Christianity.

But why would the people that had a special relationship with God become Enigmatic among the other people of the world? Historically Hebrew people have compared their struggles with those of Black people. Noting the enslavement of the ancient Hebrew people in Egypt there have been parallels drawn between this experience and the enslavement of Africans in the Americas.

As we (FreedomJournal) seek to reveal yet another mystery of our past we make the following reflections. When did the Hebrew people begin their campaign of Brotherhood toward the people that were once held as slaves in America? Did this campaign begin during the period of slavery or shortly thereafter? It is ironic that former slave masters could so quickly convey to Black people that they are the best friends that have ever had? Therefore since the Hebrew people that supported the Confederacy and those who supported slavery in the North and the South looked just like the other slave masters evidently the Black slaves did not know the difference.

Before we go further, we note that we do not bring up these questions for review to cause dissension and further division between the Black and Hebrew communities. For the record we bring these questions up for review out of love and respect for our Hebrew Brethren. We therefore note that this is a peace offering with the hope that Blacks and Hebrews can reach a new ground of understanding and cooperation.

As responsible journalists we realize that many people do not know the particular historical circumstances among the Black and Hebrew people. Those that are ignorant of certain facts reside in both communities. Also, the general public is not aware of many of these circumstances. We sincerely believe that humankind will continue to wallow in confusion, hate and despair due to lack of knowledge and information.

Thus a factual recollection of the historical record shows that the Hebrew people are the premier entrepreneurs of the world. Therefore, they capitalized on the greatest economic venture in the annals of Human History. This economic venture was of course slavery. The record also shows that soon after the end of this Dark and Bleak period of Human defilement the Hebrew people continued to make economic progress from the sell of goods and services to the newly freed Black man and woman.

The record also shows that at the turn of the last century the Hebrew people realized that the control of Black organizations that sought Civil and Human Rights would also benefit their cause of economic exploitation and profits. Meanwhile many Blacks in the leadership ranks were paid off to be Token Leaders and convey to the Black community that the Hebrew people were (are) our best friends. Therefore, our best friends have an expressed mission to help us in our quest for Freedom, Justice and Equality. Meanwhile the Hebrew people have historically realized the need for economic progress to reach any goal they deemed necessary for their existence.

But the Black Human Rights struggle was directed toward social goals and of course integration. These goals for Human Rights are good however economic parity and economic independence would have been a cure-all for most of the problems then and now for the Black community. While the need to evaluate programs and goals for achieving Human Rights were thrown aside not considered are not even thought of the Hebrew people established a means to promote their interest further. This means has been noted specifically in the Media.

The influence of the Hebrew people has also been extended to the political arena and they have had a great impact on the educational experiences of Black people. Meanwhile, as the economic barons of many industries they have frowned on any criticism and direction toward a re- evaluation of their goals. Thus Independent Black writers that seek to record the Truth of the history of Black people and the interactions with other people especially Europeans are Black Listed, Banned, and Censored.

Therefore the Hebrew people and their supporters and those who have benefitted from their pay- offs do not like to be exposed. However we believe as Almighty God is our witness that the Truth will allow all humankind to believe that all human beings have Human Rights. For the most part the previous coalition of Blacks and Hebrews has been based on control, exploitation and lies. However we argue that a Truthful and sincere coalition among Blacks and Hebrews would be one of the major and significant events toward progress in the history of the world.

But the Humanitarian goals of Respect and Brotherhood cannot be achieved in the midst of arrogance and racism. What is more important money or human life? There was once a man that had developed a coalition with evil. This coalition was based on lies and exploitation. However as the days passed and the seasons changed so do many minds among these people. So did the ways of life change as the world went about the natural and Divine order of change and progress. Thus, the old way of deceit and lies became obsolete. But the wise who thought they were wise did not pay heed. As blind sheep they continued to go to a well that was once a fresh spring but the water was gone and the well had dried soon to waste away.

As straight as the crow flies and as sure as the wind will blow so will the seasons change and so will the hearts and minds of man.

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