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Humankind are the most selfish and ungrateful inhabitants of the earth. All have been blessed by the Creator. However again we note many do not know the way of the Wind.

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Carl Patton writing for the FreedomJournal August 17, 2001 in the year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.



As we have sought to further define Censorship, we have brought up for review Preachers, Civil Rights Leaders and Organizations. We have also seen the need to further define Marxists, Cultural Nationalists and Uncle Toms. We now seek to further define several groups under one heading. These people are the Hatemongers, Racists and Atheists. All three groups overlap. Thus, we see Hatemongers as Racists and Racists as Hatemongers. We also note that most if not all Atheists are Hatemongers and many are also Racist.

It is also necessary to note that sadly many Preachers are also Hatemongers, Racists and Atheists. Thus, we see further overlapping of these three Devilish groups. Also, many Civil Rights Leaders are Hatemongers, Racists and Atheists. The Marxists are also consumed with the disbelief in God. Most Marxists are also among the Hatemongers and Racists. Cultural Nationalists also have embraced these three philosophies. Here we see Cultural Nationalists as mis-guided Hatemongers consumed with racial superiority. The disbelief in God is also rampant among many of this breed in that many claim to have faith in ancient pagan gods of primitive societies that they know very little about. However they are lifted up (puffed up) in pride when they speak of ancient civilizations and the need to adapt whatever will satisfy their goals to obtain Freedom, Justice and Equality through the worship of Culture.

The Uncle’s also overlap with these three critical groups of Censors. Thus, most sycophants are Hatemongers. They hate themselves and all of humankind. They are also a case-study in contradictions as the most racist people on earth. Here they hate the White community based on race and also hate themselves and their own people for racial reasons. Can self-hate be so devastating that you actually can be Black and a Black racist? Thus, is Black on Black discrimination a form of Black on Black racism?

Most sane and rational people realize that Racists, Hatemongers and Atheists pose many problems in this society. However the record shows that these people are often shrewd and sophisticated in their desire to shape and form public opinion. Thus, many people don't identity all of the Racists, Hatemongers and Atheists. Meanwhile Racists are often cloaked in political correctness. Also many Hatemongers are among those who are allegedly working in the Public Sector for the public good.

We also see many Atheists in the Church Houses across America and the world. Many are also disguised as Preachers and Church leaders. Thus the people are easily duped by the positions of respect that many of these people hold. However, the FreedomJournal is not duped by ungodly Preachers. For the record we make it perfectly clear that just because one has told the Lie that God has called him/her to Preach does not mean that God has rendered His Divine Anointing upon them.

Therefore these groups like the others we have exposed are very upset with Truth. The Truth places the spotlight on lies and deception. The Truth puts the Light of God on selfish and wicked behavior. Thus, these people attack the traditions of Truth. Here they deny logical reasoning and try to turn wrong into right. They even denounce the Bible and claim that it is a creation of man. There are also elements in these groups that use many Biblical passages that suit their interests and goals and discard those that do not.

While the other groups we have brought up for review can often claim legitimacy because of their titles and philosophy this is not true with the Big Three. Even in this wicked society Hatemongers, Atheists and Racists are frowned upon. However the problem arrives when the Hatemonger is noted as a good politician. Also confusion is dis-order when the Racist is noted as one who stands upon Nationalistic principles. Also the world is very confused whenever humankind comes to the aid and comfort of the Atheists and claim that all of this earth just happened by a Big Bang or a Gang of thieves.

In the definitive qualities of these three groups we see parallel descriptions and overlapping. Hatemongers are people that hate. Usually one will note a reason for hatred. However Hatemongers are not simply defined and noted in people that hate for political reasons, racial reasons, class reasons or economic reasons. A Hatemongers is a person that finds comfort and relief in hate. This means any kind of hate. Do they also hate to hate? Yes and No!!!

The live and living Racist is a person or group that believes in Hate for racial reasons. But as an avid Hatemonger he is not promoted by any set reason but is devoted to hate and wickedness. Meanwhile as an aspiring Racist he becomes a card-carrying Racist when he has the power to make decisions and form policy. Thus those that can legislate and make unlawful laws of hate, racism and discrimination are the true Racists.

However the Atheists are the biggest Fools among these people who worship and adore Hate. He is also a confirmed Hatemonger. As a specialist in the Devil he hates God and God's people as a priority. As a very confused and pathetic person or thing he or she tries to blame God for the ills of society. Therefore, as a case study in denial he rejects his integral part in his personal confusion and his selfish principles of lies and deceit.

Finally we see some very ignorant people at work. There is no honor in hate for any reason except the hatred for sin. But the righteous that believe in the Biblical instruction to hate sin are hated by the Hatemongers. Thus, the Hatemongers, Atheists and Racists turn the positive nature of rebuking sin into something that is evil. Simply they want to define sin. But to them sin does not exist. Therefore, when they are exposed for the sins of Abortion,  and the pursuit of money at the cost of human life they Holler. A Hit dog will Holler so will a hit Hatemonger, Racist and Atheist.

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