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Peace be unto you. There is nothing under the Sun or above and below the Sea that has gone unnoticed.

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Carl Patton writing for the FreedomJournal August 13, 2001 in the year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.



In the name of Jehovah God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

Sycophants have had a prolific legacy before, during and after the period of American slavery. This unique Black vermin still exist as a part of the American and world landscape as rejected and dejected mis-fits still trying to use the plight of their Brethren as bargaining chips with the traditional institutions of economic racism. However with disrespect to the Censors of the FreedomJournal the betrayers are at the bottom of the barrel and at the top of the list of conspirators.

Meanwhile, what is a sycophant? A sycophant is simply a Traitor to his own kind. We have done several pieces on the realities of sycophants also know as Uncle Toms and we refer you to these articles for more detailed information. But we will note that it is a falsehood that sycophants was or ever was a positive force or a Hero turned into a villain. We have thoroughly researched this notion. An expressed part of our mission is to refute false assertions. Therefore sycophants as a Hero is a point of mis-information released by sycophants and those who sponsor them.

For the record Josiah Henson was one of the greatest examples of a sycophant (Uncle Tom) in the history of Black people. Henson is the real life person that the character Uncle Tom was patterned after in Harriet Beecher Stowe's celebrated book Uncle Tom's Cabin. Henson was a good slave, broken by the slave master. Broken meaning he accepted slavery and felt loyalty to his Master and keeper. The accurate record tells us that Henson only rebelled and fled from slavery when his Master took steps to sell him South. However the most distasteful act committed by Henson was his sense of loyalty to his Master while rejecting freedom for himself his family and for his friends.

In defining and describing sycophant there is a stereotypical image of a sycophant as a bowing and bending head scratching Negro. This is an accurate picture of some sycophants. Also a sycophant is a first class Snitcher and Snake of the highest (there you go Carl) I mean lowest order. For the record a Snitcher is someone that will give an enemy information on his Brethren true or false to gain favor, money etc. But we would be remiss if we did note that sycophants are not just Dumb, Stupid and Blind Negroes that were typical Snitchers on slave plantations. There are other types but they are also Dumb, Stupid and Blind but they think they are smart.

The pseudo-intellectual sycophants are the most dangerous. These are the Uncle’s in Black Studies Department throughout America. Here we note that sycophants often over-lap to include many of the Cultural Nationalists and especially some that make up  the leadership ranks of the Civil Rights Organizations and of course the Preachers. God forbid that we don't leave out the Devils Special sycophants.

As we further define this vermin and Swine we see that sycophants are Ministers of dissension, Dis-Unity and confusion. Their expressed mission is to report back to White Racists who pay them off with jobs, concessions (example hiring other insidious elements and concubines), the ability or opportunity to steal from Black community development programs etc. White people have devised a shrewd scheme in that they publicize that they are awarding the Black community certain funds for a specific community need. However, they place one of their sycophants over the program. Meanwhile they take (steal) most of the money off the top and allow the faithless Negro to steal and divert most of the remaining funds in the name of "Keep A sycophant Happy" and we, not them will be satisfied.

It is for sure that the sycophants of today, yesterday and those of tomorrow are groomed and developed to be tools of Dissension and control. A wise man once told me that the proponents of racism and slavery often solicited a Driver. The Driver was a good loyal slave. His job was to herd, drive and control the other slaves. Thus we see names like Straw Boss, Head Nigger in Charge, Mr. Brown Nose and of course Uncle Tom.

There is a simple logical deduction arrived at when we see the planned tactic of using our own people to assist in our destruction. Thus there are historic circumstances and precedents for the Black on Black discrimination that runs rampant in the Black community. Again we reveal that White racism motivated by economic exploitation developed and laid the foundations for Black on Black discrimination. We also refute the notion of class distinctions as a forerunner of Black on Black discrimination. Class discrimination is much different from the efforts of Black on Black discrimination. For the sake of analysis Black on Black discrimination super-cedes class and is grounded in the way one thinks and not his class or economic standing in the community.

However who are the people that practice this dreadful form of discrimination? Are these people motivated by self-hatred, power, money, greed or principles and values? We argue that they are motivated by all of the above plus some other nonsensical reasons. But we argue that money and greed is the most dominating factor. Thus as the Black Back Stabbers crawl along a road of self- hate and destruction they confirm to the world's standards and want to get paid.

Lusting for money at all costs often leads them to develop other reasons to justify this ungodly thirst. Here many Uncles’ believe that they are inferior and take on abnormal feelings of self- hatred. Usually when one hates himself he also hates his family, friends, race and community. He also hates his benefactors and those he describes as Superior. Thus he hates everybody and all things except money, which he perceives can buy anything and suffice for any ill or misfortune he may have.

Along the way this Self-Hater and Hater of humankind develops ungodly values and principles. Values and principles are noted as positive and negative. Here we find the negative values that are motivated by external conditions. Meanwhile, these negative external values become internal. Therefore, we see the classical sycophant embracing an outside and external world of pleasures and material possessions. The obsession with Hate has removed Love from this person. Thus, he eventually embraces negative principles and values internally.

Therefore, his foundation or base for principles and values reside in the negative. However he believes that they are positive. The ungodly actions of humankind are often moved to a state of mass confusion and illusions of justification. Thus No Good people like Judas clones rationalize that they are doing what is right and good for the Black community. However when the FreedomJournal makes and analysis of this evident madness we are Censored. Thus, once again we see the clear and obvious reasons for the Censorship of the FreedomJournal. The mis-fits and Traitors of the Black community do not like to be exposed. Even though they go about the serious business of Black on Black discrimination like it is the order of the day they know that they are wrong.

Although many are blind and will argue about the merits of being a renegade (they don't use that term) they know in the heart they have left that they are committing crimes against their own people and Humanity. However the most dangerous Uncle is the one that truly believes that he is working in the best interest of the Black community by being an Uncle.

This is the Uncle who has totally accepted his so-called inferiority role and believes that the only way to get anything in a White male dominated society is to be a Lackey. However this awful breed also will Holler like a Hit Dog when he is exposed.

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