Greetings Brethren:

Clouded skies are gifts of Sunshine and Rain to the righteous. We have come to bring a report. Some can see and some cannot. Also, some refuse to see.

Meanwhile a Foolish man is one with eyes to see and sees not.

Peace and Love,

Carl Patton writing for the FreedomJournal August 10, 2001 in the year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.



In the name of Jehovah God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

We have had some of our most vocal protests and efforts of Censorship from the ranks of the so- called Cultural Nationalists. However, like the Marxists the Cultural Nationalists claim to be interested in Black Unity. They also make claims in support of Freedom, Justice and Equality for Black people. As an aside the Marxists identify "us" and "them" as working class. Where did the lumpen proletariat go and where is the bourgeoisie? Meanwhile the Cultural Nationalists claim we are all Africans regardless of being born in America are the Caribbean. Thus they have an illogical notion that we must prove our African heritage to self and of course to Europeans.

It is for sure that the contemporary Cultural Nationalists have few rivals (except the Marxist) in the arena of Dog-Matism. Thus if you do not accept African culture as your panacea for Liberation, you are a misfit and wallow in European confusion. However, what are the basic tenets of African Culture? Also how can Culture (by itself) remedy the ills of the Black Holocaust? What time period do we begin with? Meanwhile, the contemporary Cultural Nationalists have also embraced African Traditional Religions. Was African Religions the forerunner of the belief in Monotheism? Does the record show that the ancient Egyptians offered the belief in One God to the fleeing Israelites? Therefore, has African Religions made a transition? Are there any parallels between the Hebrew people who embraced Judaism and African Religions? Did the Hebrews fail to make the transition to embrace the Savior in Jesus the Christ? For the great thinkers and those that seem to be opposed to Truth: Is there an argument that notes the failure of African Religions making the transition?

Therefore, African Religions have become in vogue to these modern Cultural Nationalists. Here they are "Off the Hook," in their cry for the destruction of all other religious pursuits by Black people. Thus to them all other known religions are the product of Europeans and inherently evil and foolish. At this point before we go any further, we need to define Culture and Nationalism.

Standard dictionaries define culture as fineness of feelings, thoughts, tastes and manners etc. In the realm of Anthropology culture is defined as the civilization of a given race or nation at a given time or over all time; its customs, its arts, its conveniences, etc.

However the FreedomJournal has a responsibility to the Black community and humankind to continue to think and develop an analytic approach to discerning the Black Holocaust. Therefore, Culture takes on unique components in regard to the Black experience. No Culture has known the concentrated attempts toward destruction as the Culture of African and Black people. Due to the on-going attempts of destruction, socialization and exploitation on all levels' Black Culture begs to be redefined. However, this redefinition of Black Culture is in transition. It is transitory and developing due to the on-going attempts by devious elements to deny our Culture and dismantle all efforts toward Pan-African Unity and Unity among the wretched of the earth in North America and throughout the Diaspora.

Nationalism in its definitive qualities notes the true meaning of Culture when tied to Nationalism. Nationalism is a patriotic feeling or effort. It is also noted as the devotion to the interests of one's own nation. In reference to Nation the wrench is thrown into this definitive statement. Do Black people have a Nation? Most Cultural Nationalists denounce the United States and opt for the land of our ancestors Africa. However these same people have not left America and still reside in New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Houston, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia etc. So can one be a Cultural Nationalist with total allegiance to Africa and reside in America? If so how is African Culture implemented in America or a foreign country. First is the U.S. foreign to those born here but who have in many cases never been to Africa or pass 110th Street.

Meanwhile if the previous statements did not confuse you we have more. There are distinct parallels between many Black Nationalists and White Nationalists. First of all they both lust for Hate. They can also be described as Black Supremacists and White Supremacists. Therefore we argue that most Cultural Nationalists on the Black side are also Black Supremacists and filled with Hate. They not only claim to Hate White people but they also Hate the FreedomJournal and anybody that don't agree with their foolish notions about the transition of Ancient Africa to 2001.

Furthermore on the White side the KKK and other White Supremacists are running-neck to neck with their Black counter-parts in the Hate race. They also Hate all other White people that are not filled with Hate and those that don't agree with the White Superiority illusion. We are reluctant to make the next statement but we will make it any way because maybe someone will gain greater clarity from the tragedy of Hate. The world will take a serious turn to the final Day of Judgment if these two active forces of Hate ever join forces. Thus, will there ever be an Alliance between White Hatemongers and Black Hatemongers? Better yet does the Alliance already exist?

In conclusion as always in this series of Vanguard Censors of the FreedomJournal we note why they Censor and why they holler so loud. Once again we have pulled the cover off the Cultural Nationalists as staunch enemies of the Black Community. Since our writings have consistently exposed them for what, they are worth (?) they are angry.

My Beloved Brother William (Bay-Brother) Patton always said a "Hit Dog will Holler." Thus these imposters who had an initial history of violent acts (murder) toward righteous Black Activists have been put out to dry by the FreedomJournal. We have the courage and good sense to call a Spade and Spade and a turncoat a turncoat. Therefore, we are not prejudiced in our analysis of the Black experience.

Old-time Cultural Nationalists and the contemporary Cultural Nationalists offer very little but lip- service toward any remedies to the plight of the Black masses. However the Culture game is counted in Big Bucks these days as the African celebrations of Christmas and Black Days are commercialized by the former plantation owners and their Lackeys.

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