Greetings Brethren:

The attempted Censorship of Truth as rendered by the FreedomJournal has seen an ironic twist that spells contradiction and the dismissal of logic. Thus the very people that are supposed to stand for Freedom, Justice and Equality for Black and oppressed people stand in the vanguard of Censorship. Therefore their futile attempts of Censorship are Fool-Hardy attempts of Sedition and Treason made by desperate, frustrated enemies of God and God's people.

Meanwhile, the sane people of this society respect the rights of all humankind to Free Speech. Again we warn the people of God: it is only a Fool that will attempt to Censor his enemies. How can one defend against an enemy if they know nothing about him?

Beware of those that always seek to destroy written information. These people are inspired by Satan. Satan is the Director of Confusion and Dissension. No one in the flesh can destroy the Messengers of Truth. Nor can they destroy the source and Center of Truth.


Peace and Love,

Carl Patton writing for the FreedomJournal August 3, 2001 in the year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.



In the name of Jehovah God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

It is for sure that Civil Rights Leaders and Organizations pose a great contradiction. The contradiction is vividly seen when we (FreedomJournal) become the victims of Black on Black discrimination. However what is equally contradicting is that these groups and their leadership are the instigators of this discrimination. Therefore in this society if you are Black or a minority and you are not politically correct you are discriminated against by the people that are supposed to stand against discrimination.

No doubt the Civil Rights Movement has become a proving ground for hypocrisy. Also one can ask have they always been hypocrites? Yes, have Black Civil Rights Organizations had a historic origin in deceit and control by elements (people) outside the Black community. If someone controls Civil Rights Organizations that are not a part of the Black community one would also assume (confirm) that they have interests that conflict with the interests of the Black community.

For the record when you study the origin and development of the major Civil Rights Organizations in America there are extensive parallels with? White Paternalism was born and bred on slave plantations. This same mentality became the cornerstone in Civil Rights Organizations. Thus, the history of Civil Rights Organizations has been a case-study in White Paternalism at its best. At this point we would be remiss if we did not note that it is not racist are discriminatory for Blacks to organize, establish and control their own organizations. For example no Black people have ever been solicited or accepted in the leadership ranks of  exclusive White organizations.

At this point someone will argue "well Blacks have not had money and other resources to benefit the Sons and Daughters of the Revolution, The Sons and Daughters of the Confederacy etc.?" We just have to make this statement. Why is it so very clear to all Americans Black and White and those that have recently come to this country that there are exclusive White Organizations? However all Black Organizations are suspect and in this society White people have to be in control are part of the leadership.

Furthermore White people (this also includes other White people) have not sought influence in Civil Rights Organizations because they are concerned about the affairs and problems of Black people. From our analysis the solution to many problems in the Black community would become solved if these same people rejected economic exploitation of Black people. Also many problems would halt if these same people would stop trying to mis-educate Black people by controlling all of our Colleges and Universities.

Therefore Organizations for Civil Rights are a farce if the people in power have no legitimate interest in the Human Rights of Black and poor people. It is not a picture of Us against Them. There is no Us when it comes to the so-called White Liberals and Black people. It is just Us, and Them is all of Them, against Us. However there are a few sincere White people but they have become confused by the Black opportunists they have created and the closet racists posing as Liberals and Humanitarians.

So a tradition has emerged that is dictated by the status quo and the mainstream. The FreedomJournal is not the status quo nor do we seek out the mainstream of America. The mainstream of America is a way of degradation, immorality, vile mean principles and a value system that is accepted and sponsored by Satan. Therefore if you don't bow to the turncoat model developed by the so-called White benefactors of Black people you are discriminated against by the racists, hatemongers, syncophants and of course those that are supposed to stand against racism and discrimination.

There is a simple question and concern at the forefront of all of this confusion. The Black community is tragically dependent on the White community in every aspect of their lives. Illogically White people direct the social, economic and political desires of Black people. Thus logic is thrown to the Hogs and Dogs as Black people have allowed someone often antagonistic to their interest to map out their destiny.

But how and why has this happened? This has happened because of a need established by White people to control the Black community for economic profits. The reason for racism is economics and not hate. Hate is a by-product of economic greed. For example Hate accompanies economic exploitation as a psychological tool of oppression. Thus a mental mind set of racial hatred is a highly motivating factor to justify any and all forms of exploitation.

So if the established order is moved by economic gain is this the rallying cry for the Black conspirators? Yes it is. Black  renegades and syncophants are highly motivated by their economic greed. However the record also shows that just like some of their White counterparts that believe in White Supremacy. The record also shows that some Black Lackeys also believe in Black Inferiority. Thus we find two groups that Satan is very pleased with. On the White side we find a host of people confused becaue of race and on the Black side we find the best  disloyal  and Judas clones that can be found. As we come to make a final note on why Black leaders and Black Civil Rights Organizations Censor, the FreedomJournal, we have a heavy heart. As we see the tragic circumstances of our people over time, we are deeply grieved to see the lack of leadership in the Black community. Thus we see many in the Black leadership structure that are running Dogs who holler loudly. Their reaction to being exposed is noted in various covert ways when we bring them up for review.

The critique by the FreedomJournal often exposes these  false leaders for what they are. From our analysis Hog Slop and waste is a sweet flavor compared to the wretched actions of a Black desenter. For the record and for the wise. The established model for syncophants  is out-dated. The leap of humankind into the realm of Peace and Tranquility will be made by respect for all of humankind. The respect of all people does not mean that those historically in total control will lose power and influence. It is for sure that those with a power base will gain in stature and be held in high esteem. However this can only be achieved when all of humankind comes to Know God.

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